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adc Analog to Digital Convertor codec*, dac*
alu Arithmetic Logic Unit logic
amp Amplifier (operational) opamp*
anamux Analog multiplexer anaswitch, digiswitch, switch
anaswitch Analog Switch (array) anamux, digiswitch, switch
audio Audio chip adc*, dac*, sound, voice

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board Small prototype boards etc. card
buffer Buffer driver, logic
bus Bus driver, ff, latch, xcvr

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calc Calculator
camera Camera
CAN CAN bus chip special page about it
card Card that takes over function of chip board
chipset Chipset glue
clock Clock rtc, timer
cmp Comparator
codec Codec adc*, dac*
compr Compressor
computer Computer chip like keyboard or mouse chip
conditioner (Signal) Conditioner volt
consumer Consumer electronics chips volt
converter Converter (all kinds: BCD, TTL-level, RMS, voltage) adc*, dac*, power, volt
core Core (ASIC-embeddable)
counter Counter divider, timer
cpu CPU parts (bit-slice) mcu*, mpu*
crt CRT controller dac*, video
crypt Crypt - Decrypt compr, error
crystal Crystal resonat
current Current regulator, sensor etc power, volt

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dac Digital to Analog Convertor adc*, codec*, video
datacom Datacom (telephone) audio, adc*, codec*, dac*, radio
decoder demux*, mudem*, mux*
delay Delay lines (etc.) counter, divider, timer
demux Demultiplexor mux*
digiswitch Digitale switch anaswitch, switch
diode Diode
display Display conv, demux*, driver
divider Divider counter, delay, timer
dma Direct Memory Access
dram Dynamic RAM module, sram
driver Driver buffer, display, logic, xcvr
dsp Digital Signal Processor
dtmf DTMF codec*, isdn, telecom
dual Dual ported SRAM sram

ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!

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eeprom EEPROM eprom, flash, prom, rom
encdec Encoder/decoder codec*, crypt, demux*, modem*, mux*
encoder Encoder codec*, crypt, demux*, encdec, modem*, mux*
eprom EPROM eeprom*, flash, prom, rom
error Error detection and correction logic

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fct Fact logic
fdc Floppy Disk Controller hdc
fet Field Effect Transistor transis
ff Flip-flop latch, reg
fifo First-in first-out buffer
filter Filter amp*
flash Flash eeprom*, eprom, prom, rom
fpga Field Programmable Gate Array pl
fpu Floating Point Unit alu, mcu*, mpu*
funcgen Function generator gen

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gen Generators and synthesisers clock, funcgen
glue Glue (all weird chips to connect peripherals to mpu*'s) chipset, logic

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hdc Hard Disk Controller fdc, scsi*

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i2c I2C spi, usb, special page about it
id Identification lock
io I/O port glue, periph
infrared Infra Red Transmitters/Receivers
isdn ISDN codec*, dtmf*, telecom
isol Isolators (opto)

ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!

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keyb Keyboard Encoders

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latch Latch reg
led LED diode, display, driver
lcd LCD Drivers display, driver
light Light (Photo diodes etc.)
lock Lock id
logic Logic alu, buffer, driver, glue, ff, mux*, pic, shift

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mcu Micro Controller Unit mpu*
mem Memory Controller mmu*
misc Miscellaneous
mixer Mixer
mmu Memory Management Unit mem
modem Modem
modulat Modulator modem*
module Module (memory, simm etc.) dram*
motor Motor (servo)
mpu Micro Processor Unit mcu*
mpuchk Microprocessor check error
mudem Multiplexor/demultiplexor demux*, mux*
mult Multiplier (in time or space)
multivi osc
mux Multiplexer anaswitch, demux*, digiswitch, mudem*, switch

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network Network protoc, uart, usrt
novram NOVRAM nvram, sram
nvram NVRAM novram, sram

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oneshot osc
opamp Operational Amplifier amp*
osc Oscillator and Multivibrators

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pal Programmable Array Logic pl
periph Peripherals (strange or combinations)
pic Peripheral Interrupt Controller
pl Programmable Logic fpga*, pal
pll Phase Locked Loop
port Port buffer, driver, ff, latch, receive, xmit, xcvr
power Power current, motor, volt
prom rom
protect Protect (against power surges etc.)
protoc Protocol (processor) network

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radio Radio audio, tv
ram Random Access Memory dram*, module, sram
rcvr Receiver driver, receive
receive Receiver driver, rcvr
referen current, volt
reg Register ff, latch
regulat current, volt
relay Relay transis (?)
reset Reset clock, rtc, timer
resist Resistor (variable)
resonat Resonator crystal
rom Read Only Memory eeprom*, eprom, flash, prom
rtc Real Time Clock clock, timer

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sar Successive Approximation Register (part of ADC*)
scsi SCSI hdc
send infrared, sound, xcvr
sensor Sensor current, infrared, light, sound, temp, volt, xcvr
shift Shift Register logic, uart, usrt
sound Sound adc*, audio, dac*
speech Speech audio, sound, voice
spi SPI i2c, usb
sram Static RAM dram*, dual*, novram, ram*
switch Switch (analog) anamux, anaswitch, demux*, digiswitch, mudem*, mux*
synth Synthesizer gen, pll

ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!

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telecom Telecom codec*, dtmf*, isdn
temp Temperature sensor
timer Timer clock, counter, divider, rtc
transceiver xcvr
transis Transistor diode, fet
transmt infrared, radio, sound, xcvr, xmit
trigger Trigger osc
tv Television audio, radio

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uart UART mcu*, usrt
unknown Unknown (not yet categorised)
usb USB i2c*, network, protoc, spi, uart, special page about it
usrt USRT network, protoc, uart

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vco Voltage Controlled Oscillator
video Video adc*, audio, crt, dac*, shift, tv
voice Voice audio, speech, More info
volt Voltage current, power, vref
vref Voltage reference volt

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watchdog bus, chipset, mpuchk

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xcvr Transceiver driver, rcvr
xmit Transmit rcvr, xcvr

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