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Notebook and mobile IC*s

Oak Technology General Data sheets

They make the ODIN OEC12C887A CMOS clock chip, which is compatible with the Dallas DS12C887A.

COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

Oki Semiconductor Inc.
785 N Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-720-1900
tel: +1-800-654-6388
tel: +1-800-654-6994 - Faxback
fax: +1-408-720-1918 Semiconductors Data sheets Oki Electric Europe GmbH
Oki Semiconductor, founded in 1977, manufactures a broad line of advanced integrated circuits for use in computers, EDP, automotive, telecommunications and consumer products. A leader in CMOS memories, gate arrays and ASICs, Oki's product lines also include speech synthesis, microcontrollers and advanced communications devices for wired, wireless and fiber optic applications. Oki is also a leader in packaging technology, offering sophisticated options to its customers. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Oki has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Thailand and Portland, Ore. All Oki manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-certified. Oki Semiconductor is a division of Oki America Inc., a subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Application Specific Memory, DRAM, Display Driver, EEPROM, MCU, MPU, Memory Module, Modem IC, PCMCIA Card, Peripheral IC, RF/Microwave Product, SRAM, Telecom Product, Voice Synthesis Product
Cascade Mode Operation of 2-Meg Memory Devices
DRAM Product Line Card
DRAM Product Summary and Cross Reference
Fast Access Operation for DRAMS

Oxford Micro Devices, Inc.
Lantern Ridge Office Park
731 Main Street, Building 2
Monroe, CT 06468
tel: +1-203-445-0562
fax: +1-203-445-0564 Info Sales Support
Oxford Semiconductor makes a wide range of chips for MPEG4 and digital conenctivity. Included in its range are Firewire800 (and firewire) to ATA7 /IDE bridging ICs which allow external firewire hard disks and DVDs etc to be made very simply. Oxfords OXFW 911 is currently the defacto standard for external firewire harddrives. The company also produces USB2.0 to IDE bridging ICs, aswell as a range of 60Mbps UARTs with Compact Flash and PCI interfaces.

Omnivision Technologies, Inc
930 Thompson Place
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-733-3030
tel: +1-408-733-3030 x168 Business Development
fax: +1-408-733-3061 General FTP
Omnivision Technologies, Inc. is the world's largest independent supplier of advanced, single-chip CMOS image sensors, or "Camera-on-a-Chip". We have developed extensive core technologies used exclusively in our products. From our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, we design, manufacture and market high quality CMOS image sensors. Our products are used by major OEMs that create and produce high volume (50,000+/month) products for surveillance, security, video conferencing, automotive, toy, biometric and many other video-based applications.

Omron English Japanese

ON Semiconductor
(Formerly a division of Motorola. 20000404 they acquired Cherry Semiconductor.)
ON Semiconductor
tel: +1-602-244-6600 - corporate offices
tel: +1-800-282-9855 - technical support General

Global supplier of high-performance broadband and power management integrated circuits, as well as standard semiconductors. These products are used in numerous advanced devices ranging from high-speed fiber optic networking equipment to the precise power management functions in today's advanced portable electronics.

(Used to be Curtis)
OnChip Systems
tel: +1-408-988-5400
Owns the CEM chip designs now
They have a line of specialty VCA's and music/synth chips. The Oberheim/Gibson Matrix 1000 synth still uses CEM3396's and orders enough to keep them manufactured. OnChip won't manufacture unless they have a pre-order of at least 25000 chips.
WOW! That would make a lot of synthesizer!!!!

(Seems to be related to TRW somehow.)
Optek Technology, Inc.
1215 W. Crosby Road
Carrollton, TX 75006
tel: +1-972-323-2200
fax: +1-972-323-2396
They make all kinds of semiconductors for infrared and fiberoptics applications.

(Founded 19880402)
In 1999 it became part of Knowledge*On.
Optel Semiconductor Corporation New site Old site
It made all kinds of LED's.

Opti Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
tel: +1-408-980-8178 Desktop core logic products Mobile core logic products Multimedia products (audio and graphics controller chips) General Data sheets Drivers FTP technical documents technical documents technical documents
OPTi is a leading supplier of core logic and multimedia chipsets to manufacturers of desktops and mobile computer products worldwide. OPTi's innovative chipset solutions enable our customers to get to market quickly with quality, state of the art products. We at OPTi ship our chipsets to OEM manufacturers who then produce the soundcard. Since we have over 500 manufacturers with well over 100 configurations, it is very difficult for us to provide technical support for finished products. Reference designs that we have sent to OEM's might have been changed by the OEM's themselves or altered in some way. We strongly recommend that you get technical support from your soundcard manufacturer. However, we will still provide as much assistance as we can for our end-user.

(See also Isocom.)

(20020414: Is now part of Flextronics)
Orbit Semiconductor Inc.
1215 Bordeaux Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
tel: +1-408-744-1800
tel: +1-800-331-4617
tel: +1-800-647-0222 (in California)
fax: +1-408-747-1263 new site old site
Have your custom chips made here.


OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH general
The world's second largest manufacturer of opto-semiconductors for the lighting, sensor and visualisation sectors. The company produces opto-semiconductors for the lighting, sensor and visualisation sectors. Perhaps best known are the light emitting diodes (LED) – tiny components, only a few millimetres in length, that convert electrical energy directly into light.

See Omnivision.

Oxford Micro Devices

Oxford Semiconductor
Oxford Semiconductor
We are a chip development company and we have just released our first product.
It is an Octal UART (part number OX10864).

228 Valley Creek Lane, Suite D
Danville, CA 94526
tel: +1-925-837-3196
fax: +1-925-837-3196 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Search engine
OZtech is an engineering resources company for contract design of ASIC VLSI as well a engineering software. The focus is on supporting customers with rapid turnaround engineering. It is possible to use our design center in Bangalore to develop projects at even greater cost savings.

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Click on the first letter of the IC manufacturer you're looking for:
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