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IC manufacturers with a name starting with 'D'

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Daewoo Telecom Ltd.
275-6 Yangjae-Dong
ROK 29219 Seoul, Socho-Gu
tel: +812-589-2114
fax: +812-756-1225
DBL2002 PIF and SIF System for C-TV

Daico Industries
PIN Diode, Schottky Diodes, RF attenuators, phase shifters, bi-phase modulators, MMICs (GaAs)

COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

(Bought by Maxim, around 200103)
Dallas Semiconductor Corporation
4401 South Beltwood Parkway
Dallas TX 75244-3292
tel: 972-371-4448
tel: 972-371-6824 - Credit card sales
tel: 972-371-4441 - Fax back
fax: 972-371-4470 General Data sheets Current owner Maxim Data sheets at Maxim About the ibutton

605 McMurray Road
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 2E9
tel: +1-519-886-6000
fax: +1-519-886-8023
CCD sensor chips


Databook Inc.
99 Rosewood Drive, Suite 140
Danvers, MA 01923, USA
tel: +1-508-762-9779
fax: +1-508-762-9758 Info Support
PCMCIA host controller chips

Data Delay Devices
Silicon delay line chips

Data Device Corporation
Data Device Corporation
105 Wilbur Place, Bohemia, NY 11716-2482
tel: +1-631-567-5700
tel: +1-800-DDC-5757 - toll free within the USA
fax: +1-631-567-7358
Established in 1964, Data Device Corporation (DDC) moved to the forefront of the electronics industry with its introduction of the world's first synchro-to-digital module. An unflagging commitment to quality and excellence along with its strict adherence to meeting the stringent requirements of military/aerospace specifications, particularly the MIL-STD-1553 data bus, has established DDC as the leader in high-reliability data conversion components, systems and subsystems for both military and commercial applications. DDC supports its products and services with a comprehensive Service/Quality program that is second to none, guaranteeing every customer total and complete satisfaction.
DD-03182 ARINC 429 Line-Driver which has short-circuit protection from aircraft power as well as programmable slew and data rates.
DD-00429 ARINC 429 Microprocessor Interface. Four ARINC 429 Receive Channels. Two ARINC 429 Transmit Channels. Two 32 x 32 Transmit FIFO's.

DataPath Systems
Bought by LSI Logic on 20000522
DataPath Systems is a communications chip company with a full pipeline of standard product offerings in the fastest-growing areas of the broadband communications market: ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line), cable modems and high-performance tranceivers. DataPath, a San Jose, California-based company, has approximately 115 employees.

Dataram Corporation
P.O. Box 7528
Princeton , NJ 08543
tel: +1-800-822-0071
fax: +1-609-799-6734
Dataram is a 31 year old manufacture of high end memory solutions for servers and workstations for Sun, Compaq, HP, DEC, Silicon Graphics and IBM.

Datel Inc.
11 Cabot Boulevard
Mansfield, MA 02048-1194
tel: +1-508-339-3000
fax: +1-508-339-6356
Innovation and Excellence
VI-7660 Monolithic Voltage Converter

Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. general in English about contact products general general in Taiwanese

Makers of 10Base-T and 10/100Base-TX/FX Fast Ethernet chips:

(Established in 1997)
DAWIN Technology
7th floor, Oseok Bldg., 276-6
Yangjai-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-130
tel: +82-2-529-2826
fax: +82-2-529-2827
Custom IC company. We supply SoC (System on a Chip) and experienced fast growth to one of leading IC makers in Korea. To maintain our leadership role in the rapid progress of digital display and radio frequencies in multimedia, we are performing continuous R&D of not only custom IC but also standard ICs and boards.
Our products: LCD Monitor Scaler IC, LCD Monitor LVDS related ICs, ISDN Integrated System IC, Digital TV PCI Add-in Cards for HDTV / SDTV / Computer, LED Driver IC, SEGA Dreamcast Joystick Controller IC, USB Joystick Controller IC, Custom IC. There are several cool standard ICs under development that will be available for sale later this year (2001).
So far we did just domestic sales, but during last two years we prepared some competitive standard ICs and boards aiming at global market. For this purpose, we recruited experienced overseas sales and marketing managers, but we don't have enough experience to make our products penetrate each countryi's market yet.
local more

(This company seems to have disappeared)
DCP Research Corp.
11502 - 77 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 0M1
tel: +1-403-448-1760
tel: +1-403-435-1686 (msgs)
fax: +1-403-963-1165
DCP Research Corp. designs lossless data compression technology which can be integrated into manufacturers' telecommunications equipment. Our products use a uniquely powerful Genetic Compression Algorithm (GCA) that typically compresses data 20% to 80% more than products using the LZS algorithm. Our IC the DCP816 is particularly effective on multiplexed and high-redundancy data.
Our motto is "compression ratio matters."
Founders are Colin Broughton and Jim Savage.

Data Delay Devices Inc.
3 Mt Prospect Ave
Clifton, New Jersey 07013
tel: +1-201-773-2299
fax: +1-201-773-9672
Delay Line

COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

(Bought by Compaq which was later bought by HP.)
Digital Equipment Corporation
Hudson, MA
tel: +1-800-332-2717
tel: +1-508-568-6868 General

See also:

See Directed Energy. See also the next entry.

(See also the previous entry.)
Drey Enterprises Inc.
4820 Trenton Lane
Plymouth, MN 55442
tel: +1-763-559-7461
fax: +1-763-559-7350 General About
DEI specializes in high-performance DSP IC's and cores. DEI is the first to release a wavelet compression chip for commercial use.

Delta Electronics
Network filtering IC's, EMI filters
[Do they really make chips?]

Deltron ?
Automotive diode's

(20010810: Now called DPAC Technologies.)

Detection Technology
Radiation detector diodes, photodiodes, amplifiers


(Used to be connected with IMP. Now autonomous division of Temic Semiconductor.)
Dialog Semiconductors Ltd.
180 Mt Airy Road
Suite 100
Basking Ridge
New Jersey 07920
Dialog design and supply mixed signal ASICs.
Specialize in CMOSMixed Signal ASICs and have design and/or manufacturing centers in Swindon (England) Stuttgart (Germany) and New Jersey (USA).

(1985 as Digiboard, 1989 Digi International)
Digi International
11001 Bren Road East
Minnetonka, MN 55343
tel: +1-952-912-3444
tel: +1-877-912-3444
fax: +1-952-912-4952
Produces device networking for business, develops reliable products and technologies to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over the network or via the web. With over 20 million ports shipped worldwide since 1985, Digi offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility and quality.


Digital Voice Systems
Voice encoder chips (CODEC)


Diodes, Inc.
transistors and diodes

Diotec Electronics
Diotec GmbH this site may cause strange behaviour in your browser, they use weird tricks!
Power rectifiers, power bridges

Dipper Semiconductor - soon?
Diodes, rectifiers

Directed Energy
(Founded in 1987. Also called DEI. In 200005 bought by IXYS.)
Directed Energy, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO
USA General General About Mother company
High speed, high power MOSFET transistors, Pulse generators, laser diode drivers.
Supplier of high-speed, pulsed-power instruments and components for OEM, laboratory and manufacturing applications. We supply customers with reliable, solid-state pulsed voltage and current instruments that rely on advanced proprietary and patented techniques and circuit designs for outstanding performance and reliability.

Our products include OEM and end-user:

The primary applications addressed by DEI's technologies include:

Video chips (scanner, JPEG)

(founded in 1994)
Domosys Corporation
1995, rue Jean-Talon sud, suite 202
Sainte-Foy, Québec
Canada G1N 4H9
tel: +1-418-681-8022
fax: +1-418-681-8015 General
Domosys Corporation provides the complete package of power line communication solutions to successfully develop and market control network products to residential, commercial, and utility markets. The technology is embedded in power line transceiver ICs (Integrated Circuits), development tools and specialty products and to assist in its rapid and cost effective implementation, Domosys offers design, consulting and training services. Products are compliant with the CEBus Standard (EIA-600) and the Home Plug and Play Specification, North America's open standards for control networks.

DPAC Technologies
(Until 20010810 it was called Dense-Pac Microsystems.)
DPAC Technologies
7321 Lincoln Way
Garden Grove, CA 92641-1428
tel: +1-714-898-0007
fax: +1-714-897-1772
Dense-Pac Europe
18, St. Georges Crecent
Monkseaton, Whitley Bay
Tyne & Wear, England NE25 8BJ
tel: +44-1191-2971881
fax: +44-1191-2971725 Data sheets available in PDF format
128Mbyte DRAM SuperSIMM, High Density (3D) SRAM, EPROM and EEPROM Module, Flash, Monolithic

(Owned by Atmel)
Dream S.A.
tel: +33-3-8096-6207
fax: +33-3-8097-2758
Specialized in the design and manufacture of highly integrated sound solutions for applications in: musical instruments, multimedia and karaoke.
The family of sound synthesis products includes programmable digital integrated circuits using world-leading sound synthesis technology.
They are manufactured using ATMEL's advanced CMOS silicon process, giving the benefits of small size, high speed and low power consumption.
Our products are compatible with the standards currently used in most musical instruments and multimedia applications, including General MIDI, Roland's GS and others.
Reference designs, easy to use development tools, various sound banks and efficient technical support make it easy for customers to develop 'quick to market' solutions.
The small structure of DREAM, located in Burgundy, France, allows a highly flexible and dedicated response to customer requirements, an excellent pre-sales and after-sales service and quick delivery.
Our worldwide distribution network guarantees quality local support. Being a member of ATMEL Corporation provides the access to world-leading technology and the availability of DREAM products in any volume at highly competitive prices.
ROM's and Sound Banks

See also: MaxiSound Resource Center 'I have a dream...' site Open Sound System

DSP Architectures
(Used to be associated with Sharp and Butterfly DSP before 1998-06. 2008-03-06: Site has gone.)
Digital Signal Processing Architectures Inc.
7902 NE St. Johns Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98665
tel: +1-360-573-4084
fax: +1-360-573-4272
A premier technology company in high speed, high-performance, low power and low-cost digital signal processing. DSP Architectures has built an extensive intellectual property (IP) and ASIC portfolio, enabling the Company to expand rapidly into manufacturing high performance DSP products to meet demands of newly emerging commercial, space and military applications.

DSP Communications
(2008-03-06: Site links to Intel site now.)
Cellular phone chips, DSP-based wireless chips

DSP Group
DSP Group
San Jose, California

(Has merged with GarrettCom in 2006-08, see below.)
Dymec-DynaStar, Inc.
25 Commerce Way #1
North Andover, MA 01845
tel: +1-978-688-8807
fax: +1-978-688-8770 new site about the merger
Industrial fiber optic digital and analog data links.
Commercial fiber optic data links
Other data conversion product i.e. v/f, f/v, etc.

High speed FPGA's

(Another spin-off of the long GEC/Plessey/Mitel story.)
Dynex Semiconductor
They took over the power-semiconductor and power-control part.
(Source: Wulf Mueller, thanks. Later confirmed by Jim Carter of Dynex.)

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