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Sun Microsystems Ultra Sparc 64-Bit Microprocessor metal structures (detail). Photo: ICE*.
The rest of the site is about using chips but this subdirectory is about making chips. It contains mainly links to companies that supply products and/or services in the area of chip making.

The subpages

Where What
local Companies that design chips for you
local Companies that make or sell chip making or testing equipment
local Companies that make or sell die or wafers without packaging them as individual IC*'s
local Lawyers specialized in chip matters
local Companies that sell material to make chips or help test it and your die
local Companies that will package your chips or sell ready to use packages
local Companies that manufacturer chip design software etc.
local Companies that will test chips or sell chip testing equipment. See also local.
The rest of this page Companies that I could not fit in any of the categories yet
local Organisations for the semiconductor industry


See Autogate Logic

ASPEC Technology, Inc.
830 E. Arques Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-774-2199
fax: +1-408-522-9450
Founded in December 1991. In 1997, about 120 employees.
ASPEC provides commercial, Open Design Implementation Technology(DIT) to ASIC vendors, IC*/ASSP compaines and system houses designing IC*'s.
ASPEC's Open DIT is founded on it's patented High-Density architectures: HDA for gate arrays, and HDC and SSC for standard cells. All architectures support 0.8 micron to 0.1 micron, and two-layer to four0layer metal CMOS* processes.

Autogate Logic
Bought by Actel on 19991027.
Where What

(Founded august 1998)
Boin GmbH
Graf-Albrecht-Str. 24
89160 Tomerdingen
tel: +49-7348-928233
fax: +49-7348-928234
distributor for the USA and Canada since 199904:
Hologenix Inc.
15301 Connector Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
tel: +1-714-903-5999
fax: +1-714-903-5959
Boin GmbH develops software solutions for the semiconductor industry and provides service such as development of complex mathematical algorithms. The company started based on a business plan, which won the 2nd prize in the business plan competition "StartUp" in the region of Wuerttemberg. "StartUp" is a nation-wide competiton of business plans initiated by the german magazine "Stern", the banking association Sparkasse and the consultants McKinsey & Company.
Boin GmbH's focus is to develop advanced metrology software for the semiconductor industry. The company is continously trying to establish long-term partnerships with IC- and semiconductor manufacturing equipment vendors worldwide. Boin GmbH has already established relationships to clients such as STEAG AST Elektronik, KLA-Tencor, Siemens, Philips, Wacker Siltronic, Varian, Sopra, Fraunhofer and others.


Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chip Supply
See Chip Supply

Published by: ICG Publishing
Where What
Information site about the semiconductor industry on fab level.

GoodDie Service
Peter Rowe <>
Where What 200408: gone

HT Electronic
Noua Bl. N9 Ap.9 Et.2
Zalau 4700
tel: +4-94-89.10.86
tel: +4-60-66.15.20
fax: +4-60-66.15.32

(Now part of Sematech.)
Where What

KNOX InterActive
SilivriKapi Cad
N0:19/9 34310 K.M. Pasa Istanbul
tel: +90-212-5292376
fax: +90-212-6328511
Where What 200408: gone

Semiconductor Online
(Owned by VerticalNet, which started as Water Online.)

Senior Flexonics
Senior Flexonics
Where What

Where What

Where What 200408: Now part of Mentor Graphics

See also


High-Speed Digital IC* Technologies
(The Artech House Materials Science Library)
Rocchi, Marc
Published: Jul 1990,
Price indication: $90
ISBN: 0890063265

See also the services for brokers: Firms bending pins straight again etc...


See Semiconductor Fabtech.

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