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Manufacturers of Electronic design automation (EDA) software

This list also includes program names and file formats, so you can search alphabetically for both of them.


(Now part of Altium)

ACCEL Technologies, Inc.
6825 Flanders Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-2986
tel: +1-619-554-1000
fax: +1-619-554-1019 Technical support Dealer for the Benelux General

Accel has two PCB design programs, PCAD Master Designer and Accel EDA. PCAD is for DOS and Unix, EDA is for Windows. Both from schematics until auto routing. Both unfortunately a little to expensive for home usage. (They are at it for at least 10 years now).


Accolade Design Automation, Inc.

VHDL tools



Advanced CAM Technologies
16450 Los Gatos Blvd.
Suite 110
Los Gatos, CA 95032
tel: +1-408-358-4680
tel: +1-800-535-3226
fax: +1-408-358-4691


1988 Founded as the software division of CAD Solutions.
1995 Bought by the employees.
1998 Bought by PADS Software.
200009 PADS Software bought by Innoveda. ACT


Advanced CAM Technologies

See ACT.

Advanced Microcomputer Systems

See AMS.


Agilent The company as a whole
CAD Data Store It's EDA software shop




See the chip manufacturer Altera.

nVisage, Protel, P-CAD, TASKING, CAMtastic and CircuitMaker


Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
1460 SW 3rd Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
tel: +1-954-784-0900
fax: +1-954-784-0904
tel: +1-800-972-3733 main page CAD Page CircuitCREATOR: Schematic and PCB Design SpiceCreator: Simulator


Software for IC simulation.




I think AutoCAD can be used for PCB design too.


See Bartels.


See Bartels.


See Kovac Software.


Product: SpiceLink


Bartels System GmbH
Ottostraße 3
85435 Erding
tel: +49-8122-9729-0
fax: +49-8122-9729-10 General Distributor since 1987

Products: AutoEngineer and AutoRouter
CAD package for PCB design. I did not test it, Gunther Mannigel.


Geilrather Weg 42
50170 Kerpen
tel: +49-2273-54260
fax: +49-2273-550242
We have two big products to use for designing printed circuit boards:
Multilingual: German, English, French

CAD Data Store

(The CAD Data Store was an online business of Agilent Technologies. Agilent was part of HP until 19991118. The shop was closed during 2000.) General (linked to Agilent's site now) About the closure of the store
Agilent Mother company (in the Chipdir) Mother company (directly)

Allegro studio combines a complete PCB design solution, from design creation through PCB placement and routing and manufacturing output at an unprecedented price.





Manufacturer of the "Eagle" CAD program for PCB design.
Light version for free.




Capilano Computing

Product: DesignWorks



Communication and Technology Systems
111 North Market Street, suite 1000-17
San Jose, CA 95113-1101
tel: +1-408-971-6253
tel: +1-408-971-7940 - general info
fax: +1-408-288-4633
fax: +1-408-971-7941- general info info support to contact management
Specialized in real time designs with the fastest time-to-market development.
Produces the CASE ZIPC v 5.0 real time tools for embedded designs and offer the complete solution for any type of real-time MCU/MPU/DSP designs.
The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 is based on the "Extended Hierarchy State Transition Matrix " (EHSTM) design method, the RTOS of ITRON and the powerful suite of tools.
The EHSTM design method permits user to represent any real time environment as the sequence of the EHSTM matrices and in each phase of the design provides the full RTOS support.
The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 tools extend the power of the object oriented programming offering true concurrent and multi-thread applications. The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 tools allow to simulate functions and performance with the full graphical view and true visual prototyping in design, test/debug and simulation phase.
The tools supports ICE and offer separate ICE tool-kit for ICE developers.



Conversion Factors, Inc.
10 South Mill Street
Pryor, OK 74361
tel: +1-918-825-9300
fax: +1-918-825-9395
Founded in 1994 to provide fast, accurate and reliable conversion utilities for CAD and EDA professionals.
Largest supplier of EDA translators in the world with over 300 different interfaces. Total number of users over 100,000 (in 199808).


See Holophase.


with Traxmaker
See Jameco



Cooper and Chyan

Spectra Autorouter (Interfaces for several PCB layout programs).
It's one of the best.


ComSystems Integra, Inc.
454-11, Dogok-Dong, Kangnam-Ku,
135-270 Seoul, Korea
tel: 82-2-578-6831
fax: 82-2-578-6836
Develops and present total EDA solution. Electronic/electric design automation solutions included schematic, PCB, autorouter, MCM and so on.
The CSiEDA family consists of:

WinSchematic Schematic capture tool
WinPCB Analog and digital PCB layout design tool
WinRoute Autorouting tool
WinSpice Circuit Simulator
Win3DView 3D Analysis tool for PCB

Click on the entries for more information.



CUPL is now owned by Altium (formerly Protel) co. Please visit for sales and support. CUPL, ABEL, PALASM all are design tools to create JEDEC fuse map for programming PLD and FPGA devices from Logic or state machine equations. They have powerful logic reduction capability.

History of CUPL:

1985 Created by PCAD/Assisted Tech.
1980 Purchased by David Mot of Logical Devices (now or Forchip).
200101 Sold to Protel of Australia CUPL tutorial overview of CUPL products

For more information on CUPL history or other related information please email us at

Source of this information:





DesignSoft, Inc
Csengery u. 53
Budapest H-1067
Products are Tina Pro and Edison software packages for designing, simulating and analyzing electronic circuits

Deutsch Research

Deutsch Research


Douglas Electronics

Douglas Electronics

Developers of Mac-based PCB solutions




The "EAGLE" Autorouter can be found under
The page is widely in English and has a free trial version of the recent release 3.5 available.

Also see CadSoft.

ECAM [?]

They seem to have a Gerber viewer call Cam350.


Electronic Design Automation Companies home page member list

An EDA software manufacturers organization



See DesignSoft


$280 for the deluxe
See Jameco




Engineering DataXpress

Engineering DataXpress, Inc.

Products and services supporting EDIF


Free Ulticap and Ultiboard demo

EWB - Ultimate

EWB - Ultimate
Electronics Workbench
Energiestraat 36
1411 AT Naarden
tel: +31-35-6944444
fax: +31-35-6943345 Main product About company Technical data Distributors/Rep's Order CD-ROM's

Marketleader in EDA tools since 1990 one of the largest providers of EDA products in the world with over 130,000 total users.


Multisim Spice mixed mode A/D simulation, RF design, logic syntheses, VHDL and Verilog
Ulticap Schematic capture
Ultiboard PCB design
Ultiroute GT auto-placement and auto-routing

Excellon N/C drill files


(Used to be EZRoute, EZRoutePro and PC-Pro)

Worldwide distributor:

Specific Instruments Ltd
5115 Georgia Street
Burnaby, B.C. V5B 1V2
tel: +1-604-291-6171
fax: +1-604-298-4274






The gEDA project is working on producing a full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools.




Gered Corporation
P.O. Box 276
Allardt, TN 38504
tel: +1-888-437-3311 - Toll free, orders only
tel: +1-615-879-1515
fax: +1-615-879-1530 - comments - questions



Considerable design time is spent in building different sized nands, nors, inverters, complex, etc. JOSHUA can automatically build these devices LVS and DRC clean individually or in groups in just minutes! Design rules can be easily manipulated with Gereds user friendly non-programmable Technology File. JOSHUAs STRIP GEN can automatically design and place numerous devices of all types in the order that they were inputted leaving only routing left to do! JOSHUAs Technology file options include diffusion sharing, wells, boundaries, straight and 90% legs, and much more!

JOSHUA is a PC-based tool in which output can be streamed to virtually any PC-based or UNIX based system through a GDSII file. Version 1.0 is compatible with WINDOWS 95 and NT.

Loading this program does not commit you to any purchase. This DEMO VERSION will allow you to produce devices that you can examine through JOSHUAs viewer. The full working version is necessary to create an output stream file. If you would like to purchase the full version, call 1-888-437-3311 to purchase a security dongil (key) to produce a full working version.

Great SoftWestern

The Great SoftWestern Co. Inc
1720 W. University Dr. Suite H
Denton TX 76201
tel: +1-940-383-4434
fax: +1-940-565-1877

CAD software development
SoftWest GPI for Windows 95/NT -- DXF, Gerber, HPGL viewer and translator
The AutoBoard System -- schematic and layout aids for AutoCAD



Holophase Inc.
6191 Orange Drive, Suite 6163-G
Davie, FL 33314
tel: +1-954-584-0010
tel: +1-800-528-6516 - free
fax: +1-954-584-7089
They wrote CIRCAD schematic/pcb software. I have used their product for several years and am very pleased with the ease and simplicity. It was quick to learn and yet a very powerful tool. Originally they had a MS-DOS version and have now added a windows version.

Am Schwarzen Rain 1
D-36124 Eichenzell
tel: +49-6659-919-444
fax: +49-6659-919-445 General
The PCB- and ASIC-CAD design and simulation Software TARGET 2001! for Win95/NT is a CAD-Package with schematic, PCB, integrated database, autoplacer, autorouter, EMC-module, mixed-mode simulation module and shape-based autorouter-module.
(Also in English version since about 199905.)


Interactive CAD Systems
P.O. Box 4182
Santa Clara, CA 95056
tel: 1-408-970-0852
fax: 1-408-986-0524
ICS has been marketing Schematic Capture and PCB layout software since 1986. We currently have a Windows based version of our CAD/CAE tools for complete end-to-end design of PCB from Schematic Capture through AutoRouted layout and various outputs such as Gerber, DXF, NC Drill, etc.
Schematic Capture to PCB layout with Auto Routing and Mechanical CAD features for Windows 95/98/NT.


(It swallowed PADS (and therefore ACT) in 200009.)

Innoveda, Inc.
293 Boston Post Road West
Marlborough MA 01752
tel: +1-508-480-0881
tel: +1-800-873-8439
fax: +1-508-480-0882 General WWW site of PADS WWW site of ACT Info at Mahle (in German)

Innoveda is the leading provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software and services that enhance and accelerate the design and building of advanced electronic products. Unlike traditional EDA software providers, Innoveda offers a broad range of solutions focused on systems design, starting from the earliest stages of design definition straight through bare board fabrication. By supplying you with state-of-the-art, integrated solutions, Innoved eliminates critical obstacles from your electronic system design process - guiding you quickly and successfully through to volume production. p - Having built a user community that far exceeds 100,000 installations, Innoveda has gained experience and understanding about our customer's needs. Innoveda is dedicated and focused on meeting these evolving needs, and responding quickly to them. Customers include companies in the telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, computer, and consumer electronic industries.

Having built a user community that far exceeds 100,000 installations, Innoveda has gained experience and understanding about our customer's needs. Innoveda is dedicated and focused on meeting these evolving needs, and responding quickly to them. Customers include companies in the telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, computer, and consumer electronic industries.

Products are amongst many others:


Insight Development Corporation
tel: +1-800-825-4115
They sell a product called 'Squiggle'.
Squiggle is an indispensable tool for preparing "viewer friendly" CAD-generated designs and illustrations.
Squiggle enables you to create drawings that are more approachable, allowing your clients to feel more comfortable with your design process.
Squiggle works with all the popular CAD programs, allowing you to transform HPGL and HPGL/2 plot files into hand-drawn art in a matter of minutes. Squiggle allows for the customization of variable line combinations, and allows the user to vary the width and color of up to 255 lines with an unlimited number of hand drawn styles to each line.
You can choose from a range of seven preset styles that range from "carefully sketched with a drafting pen" to "scribbled on the back of a napkin."
Each line is drawn independently, and results are not precisely predictable- just like drawing done by the human hand. Styles can be combined into one image and pen effects can be can be saved into templates to create custom, "in-house" styles.

Intel AD


Intergraph Corporation



Island Logix
Island Logix Inc.
P.O. Box 157
Waulegan, Illinois 60079
tel: +1-888-847-0080 General
Developer of VisualSpice 32-bit analog and digital and mixed mode schematic capture and simulation. Perfect for students, hobbiests, technicians and engineers.


IVEX Design International

IVEX's Windraft and Winboard: Free for 100 pins, autorouting costs extra.

Kovac Software
Kovac Software
Fair Oak, Skeath Lane
Sandon Bank, Stafford ST18 9TD
tel: +44-1889-508094
May 30, 2002. Kovac Software, a leading developer of Windows based 2D and 3D graphics software, is pleased to announce the availability of AutoTRAX EDA, a desktop electronic board-level design software suite for FREE! It is not a demo program and contains no timeouts or limits. It is truly free...
AutoTRAX EDA combines schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout and 3D modeling of both parts and the final board with extensive CAM integration.
What's the catch? "Well there really isn't one!" Says Ilija Kovacevic, founder of Kovac Software. "After our recent successes developing 3D software for Template Graphics Software in San Diego and the award winning 2D interactive form designer for the e-forms management product marketed by Cardiff Software, Inc., in Vista, California, we reviewed the current electronics CAD market. While it appears to be flooded with products, upon closer examination there is a lot of consolidation at the top end. It reminds me of the story of big fishes eating little fishes etc. Meanwhile at the bottom end there are a lot of 'one man garage products' that are going nowhere. What does this mean for the design communit?, Well as is usual in industries when the main players such as Mentor Graphics, Cadence and Altium are swallowing up their competitors, prices remain high. For example, just look at Altium's new Protel DXP product which is to be priced at $7,995US. This is certainly not good news for the design engineering industry."
"The time is now ripe for someone to 'put a cat among the pigeons' and provide a viable alternative. Similar to the way Lunix shook up the Unix business, the board level EDA industry needs a fresh alternative that has been designed for the 21st century, not a collection of programs each with a different look and feel bundled together"
Why AutoTRAX EDA? "Here at Kovac Software we have taken a fresh look at the desktop EDA market and have coupled our extensive experience in user interfaces, 2D/3D graphics and simulation together with the latest software design methodologies to rapidly develop the next stage in EDA software. Kovac Software is working with leading CAD suppliers Solidworks and Autodesk to integrate the electronic design cycle and the mechanical design cycle. No longer can electronic designers 'throw the finished PCB over the wall' to the mechanical designers saying 'can you squeeze that in somewhere'".
Schematic Capture and simulation. AutoTRAX EDA features a powerful drag and drop schematic capture module with integral SPICE simulation and virtual instruments giving the user a virtual electronics workbench with oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers and many others. Tight design rules prevent invalid designs such as schematics with wires going nowhere or connected to blank space.
PCB Designer. The schematic capture module is tightly integrated with the PCB designer. The engineer can rapidly create their final boards using the PCB design wizard. The fast interactive autolayout/autorouter ensures an accurate error free design within a short time.
3D solid modeling. In order to ensure that the design will integrate with the mechanical enclosure, AutoTRAX EDA incorporated the unique Active3D solid modeler to provide views of the final board and communicate the design to third party CAD/CAM programs. The Active3D part designer is truly a pleasure to work with. The designer can create basic parts, drag and drop pre-made parts from the design gallery and add parts to the design gallery. Next materials can be dragged from the design library and placed onto parts. A built in photorealistic renderer provides a professional photographic quality image for incorporation into other documents.
CAM collaboration. Finally the designer can send their finished work to production using AutoTRAX EDA's comprehensive CAM interfaces. Kovac Software is working closely with SolidWorks and Autodesk to provide a complete desktop design solution.
Open database. All the modules are tied together via AutoTRAX EDA's distributed open format part database.
"The desktop EDA industry is about to get a wake-up call!" says Ilija Kovacevic with a wry smile.
AutoTRAX EDA is available for free download from the site complete with printable Adobe PDF manuals. In addition printed copies of the manual can be ordered on-line.
About Kovac Software:
Kovac Software was formed in 1990 and has developed many 'shrink wrap' 2D and 3D computer graphics programs. These were distributed via offices in San Diego and Tokyo. In addition Kovac Software has developed component software for leading companies such as Silicon Graphics, Solidworks, IMSI and PTC.
Recently Kovac Software developed the award winning form designer for Cardiff Software in southern California, see
About Ilija Kovacevic:
Ilija Kovacevic received his B.Sc.(Hons) in physics at Birmingham University. After working in the electronic industry at both National Semiconductor and Motorola, he founded Kovac Software. His main research interests are in computer simulation and making complicated software seem simple. In his spare time he combines cycling with competitive power lifting. He is the 1990 British 125 kg powerlifting champion.
See Logitronics (a couple of entries lower on this page).

Logical Devices

See Logical Devices and Forchip.

Logitronics, Inc.
PO Box 991
Arden, NC 28704
tel: 1-828-684-6846
tel: 1-800-430-6846 Sales
fax: 1-828-684-6846 General Technical data Order Datasheets/books Order CD-ROM's
Developer of LOGICAD component library for ACCEL and Tango CAD software, supplier of MASTER series hand-held test equipment and provider of various engineering services and web site development.


Mahle GmbH
Randeckstraße 3
D-73230 Kirchheim/Teck

German distributor of Bartels and ACT.





Mentor Graphics Corp. home page support network support network ftp server Mentor User Group

Software for chip design.

Merlin PCB Designer, a free shareware package to route printed circuit boards using CorelDRAW.

Micro Code Engineering

tel: +1-800-419-4242
They make 'Trax Maker' and 'Circuit Maker'.
Many high-end features for a reasonable price.
Easy to learn and use.
Each program is advertised for $299 dollars.
They have no pin limits.
(Be careful, many low cost or entry level PCB packages are virtually crippled by pin restriction usage. A fact that you usually have to specifically ask in order to discover.)
Trax Maker and Circuit Maker seem to support many standards (Protel, Tango, RS274X, Gerber, Excellon N/C drill files SPICE3f5/XSPICE-based simulation).
It supports up to 6 layer designs, has an autorouter and a 2,000 component library (Circuit Maker has 4,000 models).
These packages have everything that I want and more.


No data available yet.
Look also under simulators in the ABC.



See EWB - Ultimate





OrCAD Systems Corporation
3175 N.W. Aloclek Drive
Hillsboro, OR 97124
tel: +1-503-690-9722
fax: +1-503-690-9891 General About demo CD-ROM Order demo CD-ROM

PCB design software
Just bought Orcad for Windows ver 7. Not cheap at the equivalent of $4000, but very powerfull. Couple of nasty undocumented features though. Only usefull if you make your boards via Gerber files, the printing/plotting support is lousy!
Nic <>

Pacific Numerix

Software for chip design (autorouters) and simulation.

PADS Software

(Bought ACT. Was merged into Innoveda in 200009.)

PADS Software, Inc. Links to the Innoveda site



See Accel.



PCB123 takes the guesswork out of designing your circuitry! We've incorporated specific manufacturing rules into our software so you don't have to wonder if your design will be put "on hold" for a small space or a missing drill file. When you place your order, a design check will inform you of any potential manufacturing hazards that may have inadvertently been created.




Now called EZRoute








PriCAD PCB Layout Design
Broekstraat 91
6828 PN Arnhem
tel: +31-26-4437010




Protel International Limited
Level 3, 12a Rodborough Rd
Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086
tel: +61-2-9984-0016 - Australian Sales
fax: +61-2-9984-0017 - Australian Fax
tel: +1-801-224-0333 - US Sales
fax: +1-801-224-0558 - US Fax - Australian Sales General
Protel International Limited (ASX: PRI) is a leading global developer and supplier of desktop electronic design automation (EDA) software for the Microsoft Windows environment.
Protel software is used for electronic design and development across many industries including telecommunications, defense, medicine, science and consumer electronics. Protel's customer base includes IBM, NASA, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Fujitsu, NEC, Sony, BMW, Alcatel, Daimler Benz, Philips, CSIRO, Nokia and Telstra.
Protel was founded by Nick Martin in 1985 and by 1991 the company had firmly established itself as a key player in the EDA industry with the release of the world's first Microsoft Windows based EDA tool. Since that time, Protel has continued to apply the most advanced software design methods to create powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions to electronic designers throughout the world.





Router Solutions

Router Solutions (Wolfgang Schenke)
We at Router Solutions have developed a shareware CAD file viewer.
The software is called CAMCAD. It is a Windows based viewer for Gerber, DXF, HPGL etc.. and freely available at our site.






Logic Simulation EDA software

Sirius 2000

Sirius 2000
Valturska 79/VI
tel: +385-1-6551452

Specific Instruments

This is the authorized supplier of EZRoute.




local An announcement email about it At Avista


See Mentala.


See Mentala.


SynaptiCAD Inc.

Timing diagram drawing and analysis.

Synario PCB


Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA
2650 E. Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
tel: +1-626-792-3000
fax: +1-626-792-0300

A developer and supplier of affordable, easy to use, yet powerful PC based design tools for IC, MCM and MEMS* applications. Tanner EDA offers a full range of design solutions including schematic entry, simulation, layout and verification. Training classes, custom library creation and analog/digital design consulting is also available.




TimberWolf offers autorouters.

Tina Pro

See DesignSoft



Free Ulticap and Ultiboard demo


See EWB - Ultimate


See EWB - Ultimate


See EWB - Ultimate











See: Includes VisualSpice, VisualPCB, autorouter and viewer





See Jameco.


(Program by CSI)

3D Analyzer for MS Windows 95/NT

3D display feature based on powerful OpenGL graphic engine
Updation PCB layout interconnected with WinPCB
Support 3D Library (not silkscreen elevation)
Rotation, Zooming in and out library
Creation of ASCII and/or binary file type
3D display by choosing one among PCB components
Support user-defined 3D library using 3D Library Generator
Creation of 3D library for other PCB CAD files




(Program by CSI)

PCB Layout Editor for MS Windows 95/NT

Support auto placement and matrix/circle placement features
Support powerful shape-based auto router
Capability of drawing slope pattern
Capability of drawing free-style circular pattern
Creation of tear drop
Support copper and copper pour
Support auto power plane
Drawing PCB layout using Board Builder
Support real-time DRC
Support Gerber edit
Panelization of PCB Gerber
256 layers available
Support auto jumper for analog design
Compatible with PADS/CADSTAR/P-CAD job data
Screen display with high speed using Dynamic Zoom and Scroll feature


(Program by CSI)

Schematic Capture for MS Windows 95/NT

Hierarchical management using Project feature
Libary management using Library Manager
Screen display with high speed using Dynamic Zoom and Scroll feature
Connection and exchange with OA softwares such as MS Word, MS Excel
Support Windows Metafiles(WMF)
ERC feature using Error Debugger
Support various netlist format
Extraction of circuit analysis data for PSpice
Dynamic Link connected to WinPCB without netlist
Compatible with OrCAD library (except for Windows version)


category = Produce PCB CAD programs

Wintek Corporation

product: HiWire II
type: PCB/SCH/Autorouter CAD software

Comment by Erik Margan <>:


In the last 18 years I have tried more than 20 major brands of PCB CAD software, following nearly all updated versions, but none was so easy to work with.

Wire List





E-mail about PCB CAD packages

Date:    19971110
From:    Radhakrishnan
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: pcb router

I want to buy a very good pcb routing tool. I have got orcads front end tool for schematic entry and placement(PCB386+). I am looking for router that can now do the routing as the orcad router has not met my expectations.

K. Radhakrishnan,
Senior design executive,
Cg-coreEl logic systems, Pune, India

Date:    19971110
From:    Tinco Brouwer
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

There are many pcb routing tools. If they are good or bad for your work is difficult to say. It depends on what you need to route (single, dual, or multilayer; size; smt/through hole; emc; groundplanes; forward/backward annotation, design rules check etc.). And it depends on how much money you want to spend. And it also matters if it has to be a windows program, unix, dos or other environments. We are happy with our PCAD MD8.6 but others may have different opinions. PCAD MD8.6 with a shapetech router is not too bad but it will be expensive.

The famous chipdirectory has a page with some pcb routing tools. Look on the homepage for Manufacturers and follow the link to CAD programs.

The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC) is a trade association representing over 2200 companies in the electronic interconnection industry worldwide. If you follow the design link from their homepage you will find info about email forums about pcb layout, links to many suppliers of layout software and more. On their email forum (they have also an archive on the web) you can get lots of info.

Tinco Brouwer, Afdeling Elektronica, Faculteit der Biologie, Vrije Universiteit

Date:         19971110
From:         Kerry Berland
Organization: Fat City Network Services, San Diego, California
To:           Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject:      Re: pcb router

Try Protel.
We use their systems for schematic capture and PCB layout. Not the least expensive, but professional quality, good support. From what I can gather from conversations on this group and others, the really low cost systems ($500- $1000 USD) don't work too well....

Date:         19971110
From:         Amer Alshawa
Organization: Fat City Network Services, San Diego, California
To:           Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject:      RE: pcb router

Use eagle! it is good from CadSoft

Date:    19971110
From:    MCROLNK
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

We use POWERPCB from PADS with the Spectra Autorouter and always are able to 100% complete the design.

Paul Humphreys

Date:    19971110
From:    David Timmins
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: RE: pcb router

We use Protel, which I think can talk to OrCad. Look at

Date:    19971110
From:    Keith B.
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

I use the PADS PowerPCB with the autospectra router and Viewlogic's Viewdraw for schematic capture.

I have also used Orcad's capture and layout programs and found them to be non intuitive. It seems you have to do everything backwards to what you would expect.

Orcad is pretty much has a set price for their packages where with PADS you can get what you need.

I like the PADS best!!!

Keith Bellows

Date:    19971110
From:    Steve Baldwin
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

Several people have mentioned their favourite CAD packages here already. The Specctra router is the tool you really want for autorouting. IMHO, products like PADS, Protel, Ultiboard, or whatever, are merely a means to create the parts and get the design into Specctra. I have used all of those products over the years and each have their good and not so good points. I don't think it is reasonable to say that X is better than Y. Only that I am more familiar with X or that X is missing a feature that I used a lot with Y. I've tried many of the autorouters that have been offered, too. Again, some perform quite well under particular circumstances, but no board designer really expects to have all the work done for them.

The Specctra though, really is in a league of its own. You can throw a board at it,straight out of the box and it will both succeed and do a reasonable job. You then have the ability to control it by putting rules on to nets, regions, components, layers, etc. The rules are in the form of a programming language and that gives you the ability to tell the router what you can see and it can't. You can have the rules change as the routing progresses. The flexibility is excellent. This software was obviously written by people who have done a lot of PCB design themselves. It really shows.

Not suprisingly, it isn't cheap. If that doesn't deter you, they have an auto-placement that actually works too. Then there is DFM, semi-manual routing, route rules based on crosstalk, impedance, etc. The list goes on (well beyond my budget).

I'm not associated with them in any way, other than being a very satisfied user.


Date:    19971111
From:    Dirk Stieler
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

Kerry Berland:

Try Protel.
We use their systems for schematic capture and PCB layout.

I also use the Protel schematic and PCB system. It's o.k., but the autorouter is not very good, I think.

Paul Humphreys:

We use POWERPCB from PADS with the Spectra Autorouter and always are able to 100% complete the design.

That's right, the Specctra-Router is really great. It's possible to export the PCB from Protel to Specctra, and the result is always good!


Date:    19971111
From:    Jan Zumwalt
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Subject: Re: pcb router

I use Circuit Maker which has Trax Maker incorporated into it (MicroCode Engineering). I believe it is probably about the best for under $600. I would not recommend it to someone working all day but for someone such as myself where I may cut a PCB about every week or so it is just right.

They supply a demo at on their site (Sorry I don't have a URL handy).

Date:    19971111
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: pcb router

I have found the autorouter module in the Eagle PCB package by CadSoft to do a surprisingly good job for a low-cost PCB CAD tool.

Try or

The whole package (schematic capture, board editor, autorouter) goes for about US$1200.00 and does amazingly good work for the price.

Bob Smith

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