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ASIC designers

This will become an overview of ASIC designers. That is, companies who design ASIC's for other companies but don't sell chips under their own name.


(Founded 2002 by 3 engineers from Philips and Parthus).
Citis Business Park, Odyssée
4, Avenue de Cambridge
14200 Hérouville St. Clair
tel: +33-2-3106-6815
fax: +33-2-3106-6671
gsm: +33-6-6020-0391
ALIASIC is an RF IC design service.
Design expertise in:
0-6 GHz LNA, mixers
0-6 GHz VCOs, divide-by-2/4
Variable and Programable Gain Amplifiers
Flash A/D, D/A.
up-mixers, pre-PAs...
System expertise in:
Process expertise:
RF CMOS (0.13, 90nm)
Arcobel ASIC Design Centre bv
Hambakenwetering 1
5231 DD 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
tel: +31-73-6460-100
fax: +31-73-6460-115 General FTP
Since 1987 Arcobel ASIC Design Centre offers a range of services in
the field of design and production of Integrated Circuits. Services range from
feasibility studies, consultancy and initial specification, modelling, design
in VHDL or Verilog, FPGA/ASIC implementation, simulation and verification, up
to delivery of approved production volumes.
Arcobel has substantial experience in System on Chip (SoC) design, including
the integration of analog parts, sensors and other IP blocks.
The company maintains a top of the bill design tools infrastructure. Arcobel is
expert in multi vendor design flow.
Application expertise is focussed on graphics, image processing and medical image visualization.
Special services include outsourcing of designers, customer training like designflow, VHDL / Verilog and the supply of specialized standard components.

Flextronics Semiconductor

Intelligent Micro Design
Intelligent Micro Design, Inc.
2456 Mercer - West Middlesex Road
West Middlesex, PA 16159
tel: +1-724-983-0600 - West Middlesex, PA
tel: +1-512-799-8081 - Austin, TX
fax: +1-724-983-1011

Nano Connections
Nano Connections (s) Pte Ltd
Block 4 , #18-115, Normanton Park
tel: +65-270-7045
tel: +65-272-9587
fax: +65-272-7054
Nano Connections is a design house specialising in Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal designs

Services offered are:


Capabilities of ASIC design Engineers:


See Flextronics Semiconductor. old

(Used to be Prema Präzisionselektronik, PREMA Precision Electronics until 200010.)
PREMA Semiconductor GmbH.
PREMA Semiconductor Inc.
Robert Bosch Str. 6
55129 Mainz
tel: +49-6131-5062-0
fax: +49-6131-5062-22 General English
Design, manufacture and testing of analog and mixed-signal ASIC's in ModuS U6 Technology.
Supply Voltage from 1-70V
Low power consumption for ultra low power applications
current range from pA up to 1A
low noise(for audio applications)
Constant Current Logic (CCL): Low supply current, high integration density, good electromagnetic compatibility
Prototype turnaround less than 2 weeks

Siliconexion, Inc.
10380 131st Street
Largo, FL 33774
tel: +1-727-538-4171
fax: +1-727-771-9101 General
Provides ASIC and FPGA design services to OEMs and the semiconductor industry. Experienced in the system design and front-end architecture, design and verification of digital IC products in telecom (SONET,T/E carrier, ATM, etc), data communications, and computer bus and peripheral devices.

SiRES Labs
SiRES Labs
18-3A, Jalan Bandar Puchong, Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong, Selangor
tel: +603-5882-3046
fax: +603-5882-3047 - Business Development Manager General About Technical news Technical data
A fabless company, specializes in mixed-signal IC design, ASIC design, full custom, semi-custom, standard cell based, systems on a chip SOC), hard and soft IP transfers and FPGA, with digital, analog, mixed signal and RF capabilities.
We offer very cost effective IC design as well as IP development services in CMOS technology.
Our geographic location allows us to design at very competetive pricing.
Samples of hard IP transfer work: 1394, RSA, sigma-delta modulator, neural-net engines, fibre optic preamplifier, etc.

(Founded in 1994.)
Theta S.A. Microelectronics
Nikis 44
Nea Filothei, 15123, Athens,
tel: +30-1-6816469
fax: +30-1-6819184 General
Theta S.A. is an ASIC design company.
Its founders, managers, and engineers all have graduate degrees from European or North American Universities. Some have previously worked and/or consulted for major IC companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Their IC design experience ranges from 5 to 25 years. Theta's specialty is analog and mixed-signal ICs. We maintain strong University ties, in fact stronger than most companies. This guarantees our connection to research, and access to talented graduates.
Our customers so far have been in Europe, the United States, and Canada
System design: Theta's engineers have expertise in the design of a variety of systems, with a focus on telecommunications. These range from low-power wireless receivers to cartesian loops for use in Personal Mobile Radio (PMR)
Cell design: At the cell level, Theta's engineers have a broad experience: From low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) for DC servo loops, to LNAs for cellular radio; from simple Gilbert cells to full-blown image-reject mixers; from simple op amps to chopper-stabilized ones with 10 uV offsets; from filters for DC servo loops to integrated filters at 2 GHz. In fact, when it comes to integrated filters it is unlikely that you will find anybody, anywhere, that can top what we can do for you.
Device level work: Theta is perhaps unusual for a small company, in that some of its engineers have considerable expertise in device-level work, from device modeling to CAD, to the design of special structure-transistors for certain applications. We can attack a design problem at any level: device, circuit, or system or any mixture of the three. Our device-level experience gives us an edge when it comes to demanding circuits, such as 1 V cells.

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