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(New called: New Fab Technology Co.?)
Ball Semiconductor

(1999 founded. Now part of Jatotech.)
Austin, TX
Fabless semiconductor company. Banderacom is focused on increasing the scalability, reliability, and time-to-market of networking, storage and server system manufacturer's products by providing flexible, interoperable, high performance semiconductors. Banderacom products provide high-performance, feature-rich solutions for implementers of InfiniBand TM and PCI-X systems. InfinibandTM is a new industry-standard I/O architecture that delivers a channel based, switched fabric technology to enable tomorrow's Internet-centric, high-performance, callable, and reliable computing environments.
Networking chips (InfiniBand).

(Partly (?) owned by Jatotech, see
Austin, TX
Has developed proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms that improve the relative performance of various types of communication systems. The Company plans to implement these algorithms in high performance integrated circuits to achieve significantly greater speed, coverage area, and service reliability for ADSL, VDSL, wireless, and other last-mile broadband access technologies.

Barco Silex
FIFO chips, digital filter chips

Base 2
(Was bought by Brooktree which was bought by Rockwell and spun off as Conexant).

Basis Communication
(200802: WWW-site seems to have gone.)
networking chips (WAN)

(Burr-Brown merged with/into TI on 20000824, see The new owner

network processor chip

(1989, part of TI now)
Benchmarq Microelectronics
Dallas, Texas General Data sheets
battery charger, energy management unit, nonvolatile controller, NOVRAM, processor management unit, real time clock,

Berkeley Integrated Technologies
(Now called Volterra)
Battery management chips

(ATM) networking chips, fibre optics chips, RF, wireless transceiver chips

(This company was bought by Fire Burglary Instruments (FBI) 1-800-645-5430)
Blue Grass Electronics, Inc.
tel: +1-800-645-5430 - phone number of FBI

(BIT was purchased by PMC-Sierra.)

3D video processors

BI Technologies - General - Products

solid-state switches

Bluechip communication AS
Hovfaret 17B
0275 Oslo
tel: +47-2213-4200
fax: +47-2213-4210 General Corporate news Technical news Technical data
BlueChip Communication AS is a leading manufacturer of singlechip transceivers suited for LPR-applications. The company has just released its latest range of ultra low-power transceivers specially designed to make battery operated equipment wireless. The transceiver chips are supplied together with optimized reference designs and software for interfacing to host applications. BlueChip's latest development, a one square inch shielded RF module that can be surface mounted, is also available as part of an evaluation kit, and provides the quickest route to a complete LPR design. For customers having specific requirements, BlueChip may also deliver customized chips and solutions.
The company started in 1994 under the name of Gran-Jansen AS, to develop a cost effective integrated solution for local wireless signalling. Through a Joint Venture with the Norwegian PTT R&D Centre "Telenor", the company released the world first Single Chip Frequency hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver IC in 1997.
In 2000, Gran-Jansen AS formally changed its name to BlueChip Communication AS to better reflect the line of products and geographical scope. BlueChip is today a fab-less semiconductor company based in Oslo, Norway. The company is covering all areas from silicon design to application engineering and design-in aid. Telenor is the major shareholder in the company.
Our vision is to make Local Wireless Networking solutions adapted to the emerging M2M (machine-to-machine) market. Costs, size, integrity and power consumption are the key guidelines for product marketing and development. Extensive development support is emphasised to shorten time to market for the end user.

Blue Grass
See BGE.

Bluewater Systems
RISC processors (ARM, Intel)

Bright Microelectronics, Inc.
1012 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-738-8830
fax: +1-408-738-8666
BMI designs, produces, and markets single low-voltage JEDEC standard flash memory products ranging from 1 Megabit to 16 Megabit densities. The company was founded in 1991 to serve the requirements of system designers who require high-speed, high-density, non-volatile flash memory that operates on a single low-voltage power supply.

Bookham Technology
Bookham Technology Ltd.
Bookham Technology designs and manufactures integrated optical devices on silicon using its patented ASOC manufacturing technology. As well as a range of transceiver and transceiver module products for single-fibre Access network applications. Bookham Technology offers a series of advanced solutions aimed at the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing market.

Bowin Electronic Company
Unit 1110, Harry Industrial Building, 49-51 Au Pui Wan Street
Fo Tan, NT
Hong Kong
tel: +852-26317036
fax: +852-26439503 General Products with datasheets
Bowin Electronic Company supplies IC to product manufacturers, educational institutes, trading companies and individual hobbyists. With more than ten years of experience,the company is specialized in supply of ASIC chips being used in electronic toys, gift or premium items, timer controllers, LCD timepieces, household products, and other consumer electronics. Main products are LED lamp controller IC, melody IC, timer IC, voltage detector IC, LCD controller IC, and 4-bit MCU customized IC. Other than local sales, the company also exports directly and indirectly to the worldwide markets.

(On 19981026 they merged with EDI, forming the 'White Electronic Designs Corporation')
Phoenix, Arizona
USA general
Designs, manufactures and sell state-of-the-art microelectronic, semiconductor memory and electromechanical products for a variety of commercial, industrial and military markets, particularly for telecommunications, data communications equipment and aerospace. The company's manufacturing facilities are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona.

Brandon Industries
Brandon Industries Ltd. Co.
Chun Hua Garden 21-501
Hong Mei Road, Lane 26
Shanghai - 200237
P.R. of China (= Mainland China)
tel: +86-21-6410-8176
fax: +86-21-6410-8176
pgr: +86-21-6216-6880 call 31333
How our company can register our semiconductors product with you. We are manufacturing module amplifiers hybrid IC's with application in Cable TV amplifiers. (which are analog products of similar IC's produced by Motorola, Philips & Alcatel)
Do they make IC's or just modules? They ordered some IC's through me...

(20080226: Seems to be bought by PMC-Sierra)
BRECIS Communications Corp.
44 Airport Parkway
San Jose, CA 95110
tel: +1-408-437-9900
fax: +1-408-437-9099
BRECIS Communications is a fabless semiconductor company whose mission is to enable the deployment of managed security and advanced broadband services to enterprises and small businesses. Through the development of innovative System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and software solutions, we provide system manufacturers with the technology to build affordable, value-added platforms with best-in-class performance and functionality.
We are focused on developing embedded solutions for security appliances, broadband routers, Multi-service Access Devices and VoIP Gateways. Our products improve our customer's profitability and competitiveness and the way in which enterprises and professionals access data, voice and video services over high-speed, secure connections. BRECIS products are highly flexible and fit into a wide range of enterprise and service provider networking architectures.

Bright Microelectronics
See 'BMI'

Brilliance Semiconductor

(1991: Founded. Later it acquired Picco.)
Modem chips, Gigabit LAN chips, fast and universal WLAN chips.

(Bought by Rockwell Semi's in 1996, Rockwell Semi's became Conexant in 1998)

See BB

(Bought by Mylex. 20080306: Mylex seems to be bought by LSI.)
BusLogic Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
tel: +1-408-492-9090 LSI Buslogic information Mylex information
PC system chips

Butterfly DSP
(Bought by Sharp Microelectronics in 1997)
Butterfly DSP Inc.
Vancouver, Washington, USA Sharp International Sharp Japan
Butterfly Communications, Inc., develops, markets, and supports advanced spread-spectrum wireless communications solutions for the consumer electronics, PC and Telecommunications markets. Butterfly's products offer efficient and full solutions for the Radio Frequency (RF) based wireless Interactive Multimedia applications.

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