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COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

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Embedding tool manufacturers: 'S'

The entries are sorted according to their abbreviation, not their full name.
See also the CAD program manufacturers.

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gopher:// ATE Division

Software Development Systems
815 Commerce Drive, Suite 250
Oak Brook, Illinois, 60521
tel: 1-630-368-0400
fax: 1-630-990-4641
Software Development Systems is one of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, real-time development tools for the embedded marketplace. Established in 1984, SDS is committed to open, visual development environments for embedded, real-time marketplace. Our products include the SingleStep family of development, debugging, and simulation tools, the CrossCode C/C++ compilers and the UniWare family of 8 and 16 bit assemblers, C/C++ compilers. We also resell both Diab Data and Metaware C/C++ compilers. SDS is the leader in reliable and quality software development tools and supports all software products with a responsive engineering staff.

Scientific Educational Systems
Ben-Zvi 84
Tel-Aviv, 61120
tel: +972-3-6816314
tel: +972-3-6820706
fax: +972-3-6820670
The company designes, produces and sells educational equipment for teaching microprocessors, electronics and technology.

Sierra Sys
Sierra Sys
tel: +1-510-339-1976 - Larry Rosenthal
Sierra C (XA)
Philips XA8051 C Compilers

Signalogic, Inc.
Signalogic, Inc.
9617 Wendell and Skillman
Dallas, TX 75243
tel: +214-(2?)343-0069
fax: +214-343-0163 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Search engine Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books Order CD-ROM's FTP
Signalogic specializes in DSP software and hardware development products and production DSP-based hardware solutions. The company offers a wide range of algorithm development, simulation, instrumentation, analysis, visualization, and DSP code generation products. More than 70 types of PC plug-in DSP/analog hardware are supported with integrated DOS and Windows software drivers and DSP code run-time libraries. Supported hardware ranges from inexpensive DSP-based multimedia boards to multichannel DSP acquisition systems to high-end DSP development platforms. Supported DSP devices include Analog Devices ADSP-21xx and ADSP-21062, AT&T (Lucent) DSP32C and DSP3210, Motorola DSP56xxx and DSP96002 and Texas Instruments TMS320C25, 'C3x, 'C4x and 'C5xx.

Silicon Simulation Solutions
(Name has recently changed)
Silicon Simulation Solutions
tel: +1-503-690-1200
Jim Morris
Who makes a simulation model for the PLX 9060 part(s)? I would like a model that we could use in our card level simulation (for which we use MTI vsim a VHDL simulator).

(Bought by Adaptec, 1996 or 1997)
3925 West Braker Lane, Suite 425
Austin, Texas 78759
tel: +1-512-305-0200
fax: +1-512-305-0212 - Gary A. Hoffman, CEO Information about IEEE 1394 etc.
Sells PCI adapters, developers kits and a portable software platform for IEEE 1394 applications called SerialSoft. SerialSoft is available for Windows 3.1x and Windows95, with availability soon for Mac 7.5.2. We also provide bridge products for ATM, ethernet, SCSI-2 and 1284.

Skylake Talix
Skylake Talix (UK)
tel: +44-1703-666403
fax: +44-1703-663730

(Now part of Avocet Systems.)
Softaid, Inc.
8310 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD
tel: +1-410-290-7760
fax: +1-410-381-3253 general jumps to the other site
Emulators for the 188/186, 386EX, Z180/Z80, V-series, 8088/8086, 8085, 68000, TLCS-90 and NSC800 processors.

SPJ Systems
SPJ Systems
101, Beaver Grandeur
Baner Road
Pune - 411 045
tel: +91-20-7293002
fax: +91-20-7293003
Products :
Our products are being used by hundreds of users in almost a dozen countries. Many products developed by using our software tools (like 'C' cross compiler for 8051) are being sold quite successfully.
SPJ Systems also undertakes custom programming contracts - only in the area of embedded systems - for 8051 family, PIC series, or 68xxx series in assembly and / or C / C++
SPJ Systems has some software products which are especially useful to a firmware engineers or anyone working on embedded systems. SIM51 and SIM85 are Simulator softwares for 8051 and 8085 resp. SLDC51 is a 'C' cross compiler for 8051 which comes with a Source Level Debugger. All these products are quite competitively priced.

Spyglass, Inc.
Spyglass, Inc.
1240 E. Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563
tel: +1-630-505-1010
fax: +1-630-505-4944

16A Jay Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
tel: +1-617-547-5113
fax: +1-617-492-4466

[Or should this be on the local page?]

Spyglass, Inc.

System Design Specialists
System Design Specialists
20 Partridge Lane
Boxford, MA 01921
tel: +1-508-887-3774
fax: +1-508-887-0034
George Walk, owner

Systems and Software
Source level debuggers, simulators and linker/locators for 386/486 and Pentium Processor

SystemSoft Corp
Natick, MA
tel: +1-508-651-0088
fax: +1-508-651-8188
They do something with Flash

Systronix, Inc
555 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
tel: +1-801.534.1017
fax: +1-801.534.1019
Complete Systems for Rapid Prototyping
Real-Time BASIC Compilers for 8051s
Dallas Development Systems

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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