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Chip numbers starting with 200

nr name cat description manufacturer
200 ADMC200 Motion Coprocessor(REV A), data AD
200 AN-200 apnote Frequently Asked Questions about the HI-8282 and the HI-8382 Holt IC
200 CLC200A amp* opamp* CLC*
200 L200 vreg 5-pin var. reg. flat case TO220-5 2A order from Barend
200 MAX200 xmit 5V-Powered, 5Channel RS-232 Transmitter with 0.1 uF External Capacitors Maxim*
200 OP200 amp* Dual* Low Offset, Low Power Operational Amplifier, data AD
200 SSCP200 power Power Line Network Interface controller IC*, CEbus Compliant Intellon*
200 TBB200-G pll,i2c* PLL-Frequency Synthesizer with I2C* bus (SMD) Siemens
2000 HCTL-2000 counter quadrature decoder/counter interface HP
2000 SSM2000 HUSH Stereo Noise Reduction System with Adaptive Threshold, data AD
2000 TEA2000 tv PAL*/NTSC* Colour Encoder , data (shtml needed) Philips
200039 CA200039-001 keyboard Atari: MegaST Keyboard UK QWERTY Commodore
200039 CA200039-003 keyboard Atari: MegaST Keyboard AZERTY Commodore
200090 CA200090-00 power Atari: Power Supply Unit MegaST2/4 with Fan Commodore
2001 DG2001A switch dual* SPDT GMOS analog switch Maxim*
2001 X2001 novram 128*8 NOVRAM, Xicor*
2002 2002 ICS*
2002 SA2002 Capstan - Motor, pinout Japan Servo
2002 X2002 novram 256*8 NOVRAM, Xicor*
2003 MAX2003 NiCd/NiMH Fast-Charge Controller, pinout Maxim
2003 SAA2003 codec* Stereo-filter CODEC* Philips
2003 TDA2003 amp* Audio final 6W (improved TDA2002) TO220-5 order from Barend
2003 ULN2003 driver Driver order from Barend
2003 ULN2003 driver 7 x inverting driver 50V 350ma, pinout Sprague
2003 ULN2003A Darlington Transistor Array, pinout TI
2004 2004 Darlington Driver, pinout
2004 BQ2004 Fast Charge/Condition (NiCad/nickel-metal hydride), pinout Benchmarq
2004 STK20C04 sram 512*8 NVSRAM (Hardware Initiated STORE), more Simtek*
2004 ULN2004 driver =XR2204 Driver a.o for Nicam order from Barend
2004 X2004 novram 512*8 NOVRAM, Xicor*
2004 X20C04 nonvolitile static ram*, pinout Xicor
2004 X20C04 novram 512*8 NOVRAM, data Xicor*
2004 x20c04 512*8 CMOS* Nonvolatile Static RAM, pinout Xicor
200436 CA200436 power Atari: Power Supply Unit MegaST1 no Fan Commodore
2005 X20C05 high speed autostore novram, pinout xicor
2005 X20C05 novram 512*8 high speed AUTOSTORE NOVRAM, data Xicor*
2005 x20c05 512*8 CMOS* High Speed AUTOSTORE Nonvolatile Static RAM, pinout Xicor
200732 CA200732-003 keyboard Atari: MegaST Keyboard AZERTY Commodore
2008 2008a ICS*
2008 2008gerb ICS*
2008 2008scm ICS*
2008 PCC2008 Stand-alone VAN controller Philips
2009 DS2009 fifo 512*9 FIFO* Chip, PS pinout Dallas*
2009 TUA2009X dram* VHF I/II and UHF Siemens
2009 TUA2009XS dram* VHF I/II and UHF Siemens
2009 ds2009-80 fifo fifo dallas 512b 80ns Dallas

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