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Chip numbers starting with 101

nr name cat description manufacturer
101 ADM101E xceiver Craft PortTM Tiny RS-232 Transceiver to Portable Applications, data AD
101 ADV101 dac* Digital-to-analog video converter on a single monolithic chip, data AD
101 BIO101cex NTSC* to VGA converter, pinout Biosoft
101 KMZ10A1 Magnetic field sensor, pinout Philips
101 KMZ10A1 sensor Magnetic field sensor in SOT4 Philips
101 LM101 amp* General Purpose Amplifier NS
101 MAX101 adc* 8-bit ADC 500SPS Maxim
101 MN101XX mcu* 8-bit microcontrollers, data Matsushita*
101 PCC101 (triple*) DES (with modes ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB) , pinout Pijnenburg Custom Chips
101 PLS101 pl Programmable logic array DIL28 Philips
1010 DS1010 delay 10-Tap Silicon Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1010 TDA1010A amp* 6 W audio power amplifier SIL9MP Philips
1010 UMA1010 i2c* I2C* chip Philips*
1010 XR1010 audio Second Order switched Capacitor Filters Exar (obsolete)
10100 MN10100 mcu* 8-bit microcontroller, data Matsushita*
10102 MC10H102 QUAD* 2-INPUT NOR* GATE, pinout Motorola
10103 MC10H103 QUAD* 2-INPUT OR* GATE, pinout Motorola
10104 MC10H104 QUAD* 2-INPUT AND* GATE, pinout Motorola
10105 MC10H105 TRIPLE* 2-3-2 INPUT OR*/NOR* GATE, pinout Motorola
10106 MC10H106 TRIPLE* 4-3-3 INPUT NOR* GATE, pinout Motorola
10109 MC10H109 TRIPLE* 4-5-INPUT OR*/NOR* GATE, pinout Motorola
1011 TDA1011 amp* 2 to 6 W audio power amplifier with pre-amplifier SIL9MP Philips
10113 MC10H113 QUAD* EXCLUSIVE OR* GATE, pinout Motorola
10115 MC10115 receiver Quad* line receiver (osc./amp*) up to VHF order from Barend
10115 MC10H115 QUAD* LINE RECIEVER, pinout Motorola
10116 MC10116 receiver Triple* line receiver =MC10216=MC10H116 order from Barend
10116 MC10H116 see MC10216
10116 MC10H116 TRIPLE* LINE RECIEVER, pinout Motorola
10117 MC10H117 DUAL* 2-WIDE 2-3-INPUT OR-AND/OR-AND INVERT GATE, pinout Motorola
10118 MC10H118 DUAL* 2-WIDE 3-INPUT OR-AND GATE, pinout Motorola
10119 MC10H119 4-WIDE 4-3-3-3-INPUT OR-AND GATE, pinout Motorola
1012 CXK1012 eeprom*, pinout sony
1012 DS1012 delay 2-in-1 Sub-Miniature Silicon Delay Line with Logic, data, PS Dallas*
1012 PM1012 amp* Low Power Precision Operational Amplifier, data AD
10121 MC10H121 4-WIDE OR-AND/OR-AND INVERT GATE, pinout Motorola
10123 MC10H123 4-3-3 INPUT BUS DRIVER, pinout Motorola
10124 converter quad* TTL-ECL converter Signetics
10125 MC10H125 QUAD* MECL-TO-TTL TRANSLATOR, pinout Motorola
1013 DS1013 delay 3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1013 LT1013 amp* dual* Precision opamp* Maxim*
1013 LT1013-N DUAL* PREC. OP AMP*, pinout Maxim
1013 LT1013-S DUAL* PREC. OP AMP*, pinout Maxim
1013 MXD1013 delay 3-in-1 Silicon Delay Line Maxim*
1013 TDA1013 amp* VCA* + 4W audio amp* low cost 9SIP Philips
1013 TDA1013B amp* 4 W audio power amplifier SIL9MP Philips
10130 MC10H130 DUAL* LATCH, pinout Motorola
10131 ff ECL* dual* D flip flop Signetics
10131 MC10H131 DUAL* D-TYPE MASTER SLAVE FLIP-FLOP, pinout Motorola
10135 MC10H135 DUAL* J-K MASTER SLAVE FLIP-FLOP, pinout Motorola
1014 LT1014 amp* quad* Precision opamp* Maxim*
1014 UMA1014 gen Low-power synthesizer for mobile radios Philips
10145 MC10H145 16 x 4 BIT REGISTER FILE (RAM), pinout Motorola
10149 10149 prom 1024-bit ECL* bipolar PROM* (256x4) CERDIP16 Philips
10149 10149A prom 1024-bit ECL* bipolar PROM* (256x4) CERDIP16 Philips
1015 TDA1015 tv 9 pins, Audio processor
1015 TDA1015 amp* 1 to 4 W audio power amplifier SIL9MP Philips
1015 TDA1015T amp* 0.5 W audio power amplifier Philips
1015 UMA1015 synth dual* 1.1 GHz frequency synthesizer Philips
1015 UMA1015M Frequency Synthesiser, pinout Philips
10151 UMA1015C1 Frequency Synthesiser, pinout Philips
10158 MC10H158 tv Quad* 2-input multiplexer HF/VHF/UHF order from Barend
10158 MC10H158 QUAD* 2-INPUT MULTIPLEXER (NON-INVERTING), pinout Motorola
10158 adc10158bin adc* ADC AD
1016 LT1016 Ultra Fast Precision Comparator, pinout
1016 LT1016 cmp Ultra-Fast, Precision TTL Comparator Maxim*
1016 TDA1016 amp* Recording/playback and 2 W amplifier DIL16 Philips
1016 UMA1016A radio Frequency synthesizer for radio communications Philips
1016 UMA1016B radio Frequency synthesizer for radio communications Philips
1016 UMA1016C radio Frequency synthesizer for radio communications Philips
101601 C101601-38 system Atari: MCU 80polige SMD-Version Commodore
101602 C101602-38 system Atari: GLUE* 80polige SMD-Version Commodore
101622 C101622 system Atari: RP5C15 RealTimeClock Fa. Ricoh (MegaST) Commodore
101625 C101625 system Atari: PAL-Chip for the clock in the MegaST Commodore
101643 C101643-011 system Atari: Blitterchip Commodore, Signetics, ST?
1017 TEA1017 converter 8-bit serial-parallel converter, display driver DIL18 Philips
1017 UMA1017 synth Low-voltage 1.2 GHz frequency synthesizer Philips
101718 C101718-001 card Atari: MC68881 FPU/Coprozessorkarte Commodore
10174 MC10H174 tv Dual* 4-to-1 multiplexer HF/VHF/UHF order from Barend
10176 MC10H176 flipflop Zesvoudige D-flipflop max. 250 MHz order from Barend
1018 TDC1018 dac* 8-bit video DAC IO* ECL* in 100MHz TRW
1018 UMA1018 synth Low-voltage dual* 1.2 GHz frequency synthesizer Philips
1019 CXA1019S radio Radio FM-AM (30p)
1019 LT1019A volt volt ref* 2.5V LT
1019 UMA1019A synth 1.7 GHz frequency synthesizer for GSM/DCS Philips

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