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Chip numbers starting with 543

nr name cat description manufacturer
543 MAX543 dac*,spi DAC, 12-bit single-channel multiplying Maxim
543 TLC543 adc* 8-bit ADC 11ch serial TI
543 ics543 ICS*
5430 logic 8-Input NAND* Gate NS
54317 54ALS317 256-RAM, 64x4, open-collect, pinout TI
54318 54ALS318 256-RAM, 32x8, open-collect, pinout TI
5432 logic quad* 2-Input OR* Gate NS
54321268 MSM5432126/8 dram* 128K x 32 DRAM EDO Oki
54321268 MSM54V32126/8 dram* 128K*32 DRAM EDO (3.3V) Oki
54322 reg 8-Bit Serial/Parallel Register NS
54323 shift 8-Bit Universal Shift/Storage Register NS
54323 shift Octal* Shift/Storage Register NS
5433 logic quad* 2-Input NOR* Buffer (Open Collector) NS
54347 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver NS
54348 reg quad* 2-Port Register NS
54352 mux* dual* 4-Input Multiplexer NS
54353 mux* dual* 4-Input Multiplexer NS
54365 buffer hex* Buffer with Common Enable NS
54366 logic hex* Inverter with Common Enable NS
54368 logic hex* inverter, 4-Bit and 2-Bit NS
5437 logic quad* 2-Input NAND* Buffer NS
5437 MM5437 gen PRBS noise generator (23-bit, 160KHz) NS $1.40
54373 latch Octal* Transparent D-Type Latch NS
54374 ff Octal* D Flip-Flop NS
54375 latch 4-Bit Latch NS
54377 ff Octal* D Flip-Flop with Clock Enable NS
54378 reg Parallel D Register with Enable NS
54379 reg quad* Parallel D Register with Enable NS
54379 MC54F379 quad* parallel register, pinout Motorola
5438 logic quad* 2-Input NAND* Buffer (Open Collector) NS
54385 logic quad* Serial Adder/Subtracter NS
54395 shift 4-Bit Universal Shift Register NS
54399 reg quad* 2-Port Register NS

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