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Chip numbers starting with 211

nr name cat description manufacturer
211 ADG211A t - LC, data AD
211 ADM211 driver 0.1 µF, +5V Powered CMOS* RS-232 Driver/Receivers, data AD
211 ADM211E driver EMI/EMC Compliant, ±kV Protected, RS-232 Line Drivers/Receivers, data AD
211 DG211 switch quad* SPST* Normally Closed CMOS* analog switch Maxim*
211 DG211 switch quad* SPST* analog switch
211 DG211B switch quad* SPST* analog switch 45ohm TTL/CMOS* Siliconix
211 DS211 rcvr 4 Driver/5 Receiver RS-232 Serial Port, PS Dallas*
211 LM211 cmp Voltage comparator DIL8 Philips
211 LM211J-8 , pinout
211 MAX211 xcvr 5V-Powered, 4 Drivers/S Receivers RS-232 Serial Port with 0.1 uF External Capacitors Maxim*
211 MAX211E xcvr +10kV ESD-Protected, 5V-Powered RS-232 Serial Port Maxim*
2110 ? dual* 110 NS
2110 DS2110 bus Plug and Play SCSI Terminator with EEPROM, data, PS Dallas*
2110 PCF2110 lcd LCD duplex driver DIL40 Philips
2110 PSB2110-H isdn ISDN Terminal Adaptor Circuit (ITAC) (SMD) Siemens
2110 PSB2110-N isdn ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit (ITAC) (SMD) Siemens
2110 PSB2110-P isdn ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit (ITAC) Siemens
21101 PC21101T datacom PHS chip set baseband controller (ARM7TDMI), Family Cirrus, PCSI*
2111 ? dual* 111 NS
2111 sram 256*4 SRAM* AMD*
2111 2111 sram 256*4 SRAM* 18pin 1us
2111 2111-1 sram 256*4 SRAM* 18pin 500ns
2111 PCF2111 lcd LCD duplex driver DIL40 Philips
2111 PCF2111C LCD driver, pinout Philips
2111 PCF2111C lcd,driver LCD driver in DIP40 Philips
2112 2112 sram 256*4 SRAM* 16pin 1us
2112 2112-1 sram 256*4 SRAM* 16pin 500ns
2112 2112-2 sram 256*4 SRAM* 16pin 650ns
2112 DS2112 bus BTL Terminator, data, PS Dallas*
2112 HDSP-2112 display 8 char 5*7 alpha (HP opto 1988) HP
2112 PCF2112 lcd Direct LCD driver DIL40 Philips
2114 sram SRAM*, pinout NS
2114 2114 sram 1k*4 SRAM*
2114 2114-4 sram 1k*4 SRAM* Mitsubishi
2114 2114LC sram 1k*4 SRAM* NEC
2114 DS2114 Unknown, PS Dallas*
2114 PCF2114x lcd LCD dot matrix controller/driver Philips
21143 21143 network PCI Fast Ethernet chip, data DEC*
2115 2115_Intel SRAM*, pinout Intel
2115 2115_JRC op amp*, pinout JRC
2115 ADSP-2115 dsp* 16-bit, 25 MIPS, 5v, 2 serial ports, data AD
21152 21152 bus PCI-to-PCI bridge chip Press release DEC*
2116 PCF2116 LCD controller/driver, pinout Philips
2116 PCF2116 lcd,driver LCD controller/driver, SQFP128 Philips
2116 PCF2116x lcd LCD dot matrix controller/driver Philips
21160 ADSP-21160M dsp* SHARC*, 100 MHz, 600 MFLOPS*, 3.3v I/O, 2.5v core, data AD
21164 mcu* Fastest RISC/CISC* processor to date (199604) Press DEC*
2117 2117 dram* 16k*1 DRAM Intel
2117 2117x system 21164 support chipset, aka ALCOR DEC*
2117 2117xA system 21164A support chipset, aka ALCOR2 DEC*
2118 2118 dram* 16k*1 DRAM 5V only Intel
2118 SSM2118 amp* Trimless Voltage Controlled Amplifier, data AD

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