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Chip numbers starting with 402

nr name cat description manufacturer
402 CMP402 cmp 65 ns Low Voltage Comparator, data AD
402 MAX402 UPOWER OP-AMP, pinout Maxim
402 MAX402 amp* High-Speed, Low-Voltage, Micropower opamp* Maxim*
4020 4020 ~ pinout
4020 CD4020B counter CMOS* 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter (Q1 Q4 Q5 Q12 Q13 Q14) 1MHz NS
4020 HEC4020B counter 14-stage binary counter CERDIP16 Philips
4020 HEF4020B counter 14-stage binary counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
402038 402038 serial multiplexer (4player adapter), pinout Motorola
40208 40208 ~ pinout
4021 4021 ~ pinout
4021 CD4021B shift CMOS* 8-Stage Static PISO* Shift Register async* load 1.5MHz NS
4021 HEF4021B shift 8-bit static shift register DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4022 4022 ~ pinout
4022 CD4022B counter CMOS* Divide-by 8 Johnson Counter/Divider 2MHz NS
4022 HEF4022B counter 4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4023 4023 ~ pinout
4023 CD4023B logic CMOS* Buffered Triple* 3-Input NAND* Gate NS
4023 HEC4023B logic triple* 8-input NAND* gate CERDIP14 Philips
4023 HEF4023B logic triple* 3-input NAND* gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4024 4024 ~ pinout
4024 CD4024B counter CMOS* 7-Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter Divider 1MHz NS
4024 HEC4024B counter 7-stage binary counter CERDIP14 Philips
4024 HEF4024B counter 7-stage binary counter DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4024 MC4024 oscillator Dual* VCO 60MHz =74S124 order from Barend
4024 MC4024 vco*, pinout Motorola
40240 HEF40240B buffer Octuple buffers with 3-state outputs DIL20, CERDIP20 Philips
40244 HEF40244B buffer Octal* buffers with 3-state outputs DIL20, CERDIP20 Philips
40245 HEF40245B xcvr Octuple bus transceiver, 3-state outputs DIL20, CERDIP20 Philips
4025 4025 Triple* 3 input NOR*, pinout misc
4025 4025 ~ pinout
4025 CD4025B logic CMOS* Buffered Triple* 3-Input NOR* Gate NS
4025 HEC4025B logic triple* 3-input NOR* gate CERDIP14 Philips
4025 HEF4025B logic triple* 3-input NOR* gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
40257 40257 ~ pinout
4026 4026 ~ pinout
4026 CD4026B counter CMOS* BCD counter + 7 seg decoder with blank
4027 4027 ~ pinout
4027 CD4027B ff CMOS* Dual* JK Flip-Flop 1.5MHz NS
4027 HEC4027B ff dual* JK flip-flop CERDIP16 Philips
4027 HEF4027B ff dual* JK flip-flop DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4027 TMS4027 dram* 4k*1 DRAM, mux* addr TI
4028 4028 ~ pinout
4028 CD4028B converter CMOS* BCD to decimal decoder 800ns NS
4028 HEF4028B decoder 1-of-10 decoder DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4028 TC4028b bcd to decimal decoder, pinout Toshiba
40281 AT40281 logic 16-40 MHz 80386SX PC/AT Core Logic Controller, with Posted-Write Cache
40283 AT40283 logic 16-33 MHz 80386SX PC/AT Core Logic Controller
40285 AT40285 logic 16-40 MHz 80386SX/486SLC/486SLC2 PC/AT Core Logic Controller
4029 4029 ~ pinout
4029 CD4029B counter CMOS* Presettable Binary Up/Down Counter 2MHz NS
4029 HEF4029B counter Synchronous up/down counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips

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