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COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

ST6 family from ST



FAQ by Leonhard Schneider <> and friends Text
(Probably also other ST6 stuff on higher levels on these sites...)
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Micros, peripherals and development tools

This popular family of CMOS* single chip microcontrollers is specially tailored to application specific environments. Thanks to its advanced technology this 8 bit MCU family is well suited for analog and digital processing with economy and performance. All ST6 devices are based on a building block approach. A common core is surrounded by a combination of dedicated on-chip peripherals, e.g.: A/D Converters, Timers, Watchdog, LCD drivers, Operational amplifiers, PLL*, D/A Converters, LED drivers, IR pre-processors, OSD Generators, etc. The ST62 series are designed for general purpose, industrial control, consumer and automotive applications. The ST63 series is specially designed for TV applications. Different RAM sizes and ROM from 2K to 8K are available, together with EPROM* and OTP* versions. Devices with data EEPROM on-chip are also available. The instruction set is designed for byte-efficient program storage and includes bit manipulation and conditional jump instructions.


This is a new kind of simulator (and also assembler and debugger).
A complete and really fast simulator for 68HC705, 68HC11, 8031/51/32/52, PIC and ST62XX in same Windows environment?
Don't wait anymore, UMPS is really what you need, it simulates any of these micros and fast, very fast. Do you need to see if your I2C* program or your LCD protocol is OK? UMPS can simulate I2C* peripherals, LCD panels, LEDs, push-buttons etc.
Philippe Techer <>

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