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Motorola's 6816 Microcontroller family

Assembler Compiler/assembler by Cosmic


Compiler Compiler/assembler by Cosmic

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Date:    19961014
From:    Larry Chen <>
Subject: Re: hc16

At 19961014 Lutz Nehrhoff wrote:

I want start using a 68hc916-X1 MCU with the FLASHKIT 16.
Does anyone know where i can find a data sheet or does anyone
have technical information about the flashkit 16.

I have developed a background debugger module for 68HCZ1 which has the following features:

HC16BGND is an advanced programmer's interface that helps you to develop, test, and refine your assembly language programs for MOTOROLA's 68HC16 microcontrollers. The key features include:

For more information or need a demo program,
or send email to WCTECH@WHY.NET

Larry Chen

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