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Other electronics sites on the WWW with each a lot of different stuff.

These are generally sites that have a lot of different content (like this Chipdir itself). If you are managing one of these sites and want me to link to specific sub pages on your site, please send me a list of URLs and a small description per URL and I'll try to put it on the bottom of the appropriate page in the Chipdir.

New semiconductor related resources for the semiconductor industry

Link pages Bob Parker's links Cera2/Eg3/EEToolbox's Embedded Systems Links Links to companies (IC* manufacturers, equipment vendors...), universities, organizations etc. involved in semiconductor research and development.

Magazines on the WWW Web-zine about new semiconductor components by Alex Furmansky <> in Russian!

Miscellaneous IC* prefixes and more (20050319: New!) New: Large searchable database of older CPU's by Jon. Very nice! Hardware resources at Computers Square Site in French Site in French, links to other sites Electronics OnRamp Professional site with all kinds of information about semiconductors. Information forum for the electronics industry Educational software for teaching circuits theory. Symbolic circuit's simulation and analysis using Kirchhoff's laws, node voltage and mesh current methods. The Electronics Source Book. Mainly for looking up distributors it seems Information resource for the Electronic Engineering industry Information on microcontrollers: Articles, code examples and utilities Vego's electronics site (in Dutch!) Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present Technet Web Page. Check this out! Electronics stuff, lot's of software Aad Offerman's very thorough chip list of all kind of PC-processors (8088+, 68000+, Alpha, PowerPC) NASA: Electrical Engineering Tom Burd's CPU Info Center Tom Burd's CPU Info Center encyclopedia of electronic circuits, formulas, graphs, charts, etc. Semiconductor Subway: Semiconductor Research Lehrstuhl Prof. Paul The Electronic Repair Center BOIN's Semiconductor Linkpage Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics Internet and print info for embedded systems, real-time, dsp*, and programmers' information Chip-specific and development tools index to the Web Microprocessor instruction set cards University of Wisconsin's Computer Achitecture Page Dr. Dobb's Journal, the programming magazine Electronic Distributors Index EEM ElectroBASE search tool Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Page Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Nyttige www-linker relatert til mikroelektronikk (Useful www-links related to microelectronics) and The MOSIS Service Microelectronics Research Center Home Page PartNET Electronics Manufacturing Information Center About troubleshooting lots more electronic links By choice

Miscellaneous (but with very long URLs) Repository for new designs MCU overview

FTP sites All kinds of electronics programs and FAQ's Semiconductor Cross Reference Library Index of >16000 articles Index of >16000 articles

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