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Robotas America

Mascot PCB assembly stations: Building printed circuit boards. Precisely.

Audio amplifiers and other high-powered analog PCB's contain large, discrete, through-hole components. Errors made when manually inserting these through-hole components often result in rework rates approaching 10%, a very expensive Quality problem.

To improve product quality by eliminating manual insertion errors Robotas MASCOTSystems provide unique component presentation, laser designation of component insertion points, and visual presentation of the part to be installed by the assembly technician. Immediate production throughput is increased and when rework reduction is considered, effective productivity increases of 40 to 50% are not unusual. With the Robotas MASCOT system, rejection percentatages typically drop to 0.002 percent.

MASCOT PCB assembly systems provide laser guidance for precise component insertion, operator friendly Windows-based software, easy programming both on and off-line with the option of CAD import, system networking, and a choice of component delivery systems.

MASCOT requires very little in terms of Operator training. Components are presented automatically from parts carousels or bins together withvisual information illustrating proper component position and orientation. For maximum speed in assembling a board, a foot pedal is operated as soon as a component is inserted in to the board. There is audible indication of the last component of a particular type, so surplus components can be returned to their bin. If more than five components of one type are required,an extra step is automatically added to remind the operator.

Visual information for each assembly operation such as: "Ensure you are wearing your wrist strap when handling this component", can be added and must be acknowledged by the operator before proceeding. The whole assembly station can be switched off at any point in the assembly. When switched on MASCOT will automatically return to precisely the same point in the assembly process.

Our standard system price is for a fully configured Mascot PC workstation with laser head and assembly fixture, two programmable component carousels, LED designated component bins, and all required computer hardware and software. Push/flow-line production situations are accommodated by our Mascot LCD with prices depending upon final system configuration.The MASCOT range consists of a semi-automatic PCB assembly work station and accessories, which are fully modular allowing total flexibility depending customer requirements.

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