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Manufacturers of ready to use PCB's


This page contains manufacturers of ready to use boards. Usually these are rapid prototyping boards, so whilst the hardware department of the OEM is still designing the real board, the software department can already start writing software and testing peripheral components. There is usually a blank part on the board where you can easily add a couple of peripheral chips.
These boards can be based on a simple 2 Mhz MC68CH11 or they can have the full functionality of a Pentium PC, usually with the OS in Flash EEPROM's.



P.O.Box 14386
Athens 11510
tel: +301-7719-544
fax: +301-7714-983 General
An Electronics/Software Design and Development Company. Design and development of custom-made electronic devices, controller units, and RF systems.


Allen Systems
Allen Systems
2346 Brandon Road
Columbus, OH 43221
tel: +1-614-488-7122 General
Manufactures single board computers based on the 8051, 68HC11, 80C196, 68332, 68HC908, 87C550, 89S8252 and 89C2051 microcontrollers. We also do custom hardware and software design for embedded applications.

Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd
The Chancel St John's
Little Ouse, Cambs CB7 4TG, UK
tel: +44 1353 676 311
fax: +44 1353 676 313
Design and cost-effective manufaturing of highly integrated, high performance embedded PC compatible computers conforming to the PC/104 standard.
Products include 386 and 486 cards, Video Frame Grabber, high speed comms cards on stackable 3.6in by 3.8in footprint.
All computer cards are able to run DOS software from disk or for ruggednes, from built-in FlashDisk.
Applications range from medical instrumentation, EPOS, security, communications, GPS, etc. Full development systems and technical support available for the complete range of products. AMP Ltd also undertakes design of custom controllers based on PC architecture.

See CompuLab
CompuLab introduced the CORE Module Product Line - a series of miniature embedded computers intended to serve as building blocks in a variety of electronic and datacom applications. The CORE Modules contain a 32-bit RISC processor, DRAM, FLASH, a wide selection of serial and parallel interfaces and optional PCI and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.

Mercury Computer Corporation
5F-3,Nn 77, Sec 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd
Taipei Hsien 221
Taiwan R.O.C.
tel: +886-26983742
fax: +886-26983741 - [No more...?]
Mercury makes designes and produces it's own printed circuit boards for producing his mainboards.

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