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Chip distributors in Japan

Achilles Corporation
10F, 4-15-19, Koyasu-chou
Hachiouji, Tokyo, 192
tel: +81-426-21-3698
fax: +81-426-21-3697
We are an independent distributor of electronic components (IC's and semiconductors).
Mainly handle CPU/DRAM/SRAM/VRAM/EPROM/VGA Controller/Logic etc.

tel: +81-422-546801

BBS Electronics

Fujinaga Electric
Fujinaga Electric Co., Ltd.
1-7, Kanda Awajicho, Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo Japan 101
tel: +81-3-3251-2114
fax: +81-3-3258-7376
Fujinaga is a 52 year old trading company. The head office is located in Tokyo Japan. At present (199803) Fujinaga employs 120 people. Fujinaga head office is an authorised agent of Hitachi Cable and Wires. The domestic division has got 5 branches in japan.
The overseas divisions which are located at Tokyo head office, Hong Kong and New Delhi (India) are engaged in selling Japanese made electronic components. Please refer to the manufacturers which Fujinaga represents for component business.
The components in which we are strong are :

Internix Inc.
Tel +81-3-3369-1104
Fax +81-3-3363-8486

New Horizon Enterprises
4f, Yazaki White Bldg, 2-12-9 Shiba Daimon
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105, Japan
tel: +81-3-3431-7261
fax: +81-3-3431-7761 (in the business center)
Memory, communications, general
Computer related products, expanding to meet dynamic market requirements.
partner of BAE World, Mark Siebert <>

tel: +81-3-3765-4912
Export of Japanese chips to abroad?

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