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Chip distributors in India

Balsuni Hi- Tech
8A, Shiv Vihar,
New Delhi-110059
tel: +91-11-5640275
fax: +91-11-5640275
Distributors for:
Fujinaga Electric
Mr H. Batra (Fujinaga Delhi office)
tel: +91-11-618-9257
fax: +91-11-617-3523
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Gallium Electronics
Gallium Electronics [p] Ltd.
1, Paraspar Nagar Annapurna Road
Indore 452009 M.P.
tel: +91-731-482380
tel: +91-731-483613
fax: +91-731-483262
We have strong technical background for promotion of semiconductor products especiallly power semiconductors like mosfets igbt, schottky and ultrafast diodes zeners tvs ,thyristors power transistors, thyratrons, triacs, bare chips for packaging (mainly we need mosfet chips, schottky chips 1N5831 and 1N5832 bare chips. In addition to product promotion we offer technical support on all power semiconductors rf and microwave products. We are very much conversent with SGS-Thomson, Infineon, Eupec, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Motorola, I.R., Intersil, Microsemi, Unitrode, T.I., Microsemi discrete and Power-Semi. products.
I myself had shop-floor training in thomson-csf tours plant on to220,do27,to-48,do-4,d0-5,do-9 outlines. Of course we are a small enterprise. I have had a training in siemens malaysia, mospec taiwan, mic taiwan plants. And worked at max india ltd new delhi authorised distributors of motorola sps in south asia. Promoted and offered tech. support on entire power semi. And discrete product range of motorola. Also incharge for motorola bare chips promotion. In addition we market many other high-tech products for r & d work in india. Area is not limited. Opto electronics, infinity corrected microscope objectives, laser mirrors, rf power supplies, rf transistors and amplifiers, fiber optic products, optical fiber drawing unit etc.

Naaz Industrial Components Pvt. Ltd.
6, Mandodari Building, Near Kiln Lane Post Office, Shamrao Vithal Marg,
Mumbai - 400007, Maharashtra
tel: +91-22-3877466
tel: +91-22-3872734
fax: +91-22-3894007
We are traders of industrial electronics components for more than 30 years in India. We deal in all types of integrated circuits, relays, connectors, conductors, semiconductors etc.

Novel Electronics PVT Ltd.
G-2, Lawrence Road Industrial Area
New Delhi, 110035
tel: +91-11-7182811
tel: +91-11-7183250
fax: +91-11-7182812
fax: +91-11-5589118

Salecha Exports Pvt., Ltd.
Lamington Road
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400007
tel: +91-22-3892861
fax: +91-22-3892862
We are an independent electronic components distributor.

Shushen Eximps
Chandni Chowk
Delhi 1100006
tel: +91-11-2969488
tel: +91-11-2967347
tel: +91-11-7235075
fax: +91-11-7459929
fax: +91-11-7235075
Importers of IC's, transistors, electrolytical capacitors, ceramic capacitors, rectifier diodes.

Vinit Electronics and Electricals
Vinit Electronics and Electricals
686, Budhwar Peth, Nr Prabhat Theatre
Pune 411002
tel: 091-020-4452139
tel: 091-020-4450303
fax: 091-020-4455386 General About Corporate news
The Company is importer and exporter of all types of electronic components like IC's, connectors, capacitors, resisters etc.

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