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XT Interface

40-pin cable

1.0 XT Host/drive interface pin assignments

Pin Signal Direction for host Description
1 RES Out Bus Reset signal
3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 DATA BUS Bi-directional Used for transferring Status, Data and Control information.
19 GND* Ground
20 Key An unused pin, which is clipped off at the drive to prevent incorrect cable attachment.
21 AEN Out Host address enable, which is asserted during a DMA* cycle to disable the decoding of I/O port addresses.
23 /IOW Out Host I/O write signal for writing data to an I/O port address.
25 /IOR Out Host I/O read signal for reading data from an I/O port address.
27 /DACK Out DMA* acknowledge signal asserted in response to the DMA* Request signal. This signal enables DMA* data transfer when either /IOR or /IOW signals are active.
29 DRQ In DMA* Request asserted by the drive to initiate a DMA* transfer.
31 IRQ In Interupt Request asserted by the drive to cause an interrupt to the host.
33,35 SA1,SA0 Out Host I/O address lines 0 and 1 for selecting the drive's I/O ports.
37 /CS Out Card Select signal asserted by the host to address the drive's I/O ports.
39 /ACTIVE In Drive Activity signal asserted by the drive when it is processing a command. Can be used to drive an external LED indicator.

Note: All other even-numbered pins are ground.

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